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Thread: Hello from northern ireland!

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    Default Hello from northern ireland!

    Hi everyone! Greetings from northern ireland !

    Been dying to say hi, i spent all morning (since finding this site) reading over old posts - looking for hints and tips on starting and maintaing WW. They've been brilliant fun, inspirational and motivating!!

    Im starting my 'new lifestyle' this morning and going well so far!

    Going to go do a whole new food shop based on what iv learned! Ill be sure to be back soon !

    ttys !

    Claire x

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    Default Re: Hello from northern ireland!

    Hello Claire... and welcome! You have found an amazing place here! Jump in and post often so we can get to know you!


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    Default Re: Hello from northern ireland!

    Welcome Claire!
    This is such a SMART board, there is always some tip to learn!

    Check in often and post so we can get to know you!

    Best wishes to you!

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    Default Re: Hello from northern ireland!

    Hello and welcome Claire!


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    Welcome to BCB, Claire. I've learned alot from BCB. You will too. Find a home board or two (either by age, buddy system, or buddy groups) and post often for support. See you on the boards!
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    Default Re: Hello from northern ireland!

    Hello, Claire, and welcome!

    This is a fantastic place -- so much motivation and so many new ideas, 24/7. Good luck and hope to see your posts on the boards!

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    Default Re: Hello from northern ireland!

    Welcome Claire,

    I'm a Tipp myself. You will find the buddies here very friendly.

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