quick question.

i finally gave in and got vitalicious!
i got the baking mixes for the brownies and muffins, in chocolate flavor!

now i was alittle bit disappointed because it tasted like it was made out of wheat flour and tasted really grainy and "nutritious" but in a bad way.

i put in a handful of chocolate chips.

but i know for furture baking i will need to add some new ingredients to make it yummier.

on the box it says, that the 1 point for these muffins or brownies takes int account "nuts or chocolate chip garnish".

exactly how much is that?

i am looking to hear some other ideas on how people make these taste yummier.

-also i started breaking up the choc brownie, into tiny chunks into my milk, and mixing it up like its a chocolate milk with chocolate, and it tastes so good, and it helps me finally dirnk my milk daily