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    Does anyone here order from Schwann's? If so, what do you like? I saw they had a LF Stuffed Chicken Breast that was only 3 points!! Haven't ordered from them in a while, but I'm just looking for some new ideas.

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    I do a bi-weekly Schwan's order, and love their stuff. I always get the Livesmart pepperoni pizza for 5 points, the multi grain loaf (I use as sandwich bread to make my own subs) and the hashbrowns at 1 pt. per serving. I haven't seen the LF stuffed chicken breast, but I'll have to check that out and add it to my next order.

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    My kids love everything from Scwanns, but its all the bad stuff like chicken fries and tater tots. I think they have the best rising crust pizza available. They make Freshetta after all! I have a slice of that with a medium size salad with that 0 point spritz dressing. That fills me up and tastes great too. The light options look good in the menu so I maye try them for quik fixes.

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    I also order from schwan's. They have a 100 calorie line of ice cream. I was going to get the chocolate ones the other day and they were 2pts per cup. Not too bad IMO. I have found that if you look at the stuff online you can figure pts.
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