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    Default question about onions

    I am at weight watchers and I was looking at the book for the points for onions. Why is raw no points and cooked is a point?

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    Because of the density. When you cook onions they cook "down" and there are more in one cup than if they are raw. Both onions and carrots have points when they are cooked.

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    1 cup raw onions = 67 calories
    1 cup cooked onions = 92 calories (You basically just get more onions after you cook them)

    1 cup raw carrots = 52 calories
    1 cup cooked carrots = 70 calories

    I do not count points for cooked carrots (or for cooked onions, for that matter). I know what the WW points book says, but as my WW leader says, "You didn't gain you excess weight by eating too many carrots!"

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