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    Question Core Program Questions

    Hi, obviously, I'm new TODAY.
    I've done ww in the past and am very familiar with the points
    but it was suggested to me via a cardiac rehab program to do the Core program.

    A couple things are confusing.
    Please explain or confirm, i'd appreciate it.
    I did reread my info and the FAQ's but.......?'s

    Limited core food/ww pasta/brown rice = 1X a day???

    w/w bread is not a core food

    what about aspertame (sp) sweetened yogurt core food

    i heart

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    Starrbrite Guest

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    Quote Originally Posted by i heart View Post
    Hi, obviously, I'm new TODAY.

    A couple things are confusing [about the core program].

    • Limited core food/ww pasta/brown rice = 1X a day???

    • w/w bread is not a core food

    • what about aspertame (sp) sweetened yogurt core food
    Hi, welcome. I hope you will enjoy this site. It has been a great help to me.

    As to your questions:
    • Yes, you are limited to whole wheat pasta and brown rice, as well as potatoes, once a day. However, you will find that you can really do a lot with other whole grains. For instance, you can have more than one serving per day of other grains, such as barley, polenta, quinoa, etc. A lot of those on core use bulgur a lot in place of rice. I have found whole grain pasta made with other grains than wheat, and I have used them in place of the wheat, just to get around the ww pasta restriction. Being successful with core, I think, is learning about using foods we are less familiair with, including many of the grains. You'll find lots of recipes and uses for bulgur in the Recipes/core section. You will find these recipes a great help in this area.
    • No, WW bread is not a core food, but as I understand it the WW bread is a 1/2 point per slice. You can use the bread, just count it against the 35 WPAs for the week. Some of those on core make up for the bread by making core-n bread, which is in the recipes section. I often used polenta as a replacement for my need for bread.
    • No, the aspertame sweetened yogurt, such as Light n Fit is not core. You can make a reasonable nf yogurt to work like Light n Fit by sweetening the ff plain yogurt with Splenda or aspertame on your own and adding fruit. There is a summer muesili (spelling?) recipe in the Core recipe section. Those on core swear by it. I use sf instant pudding in my ff plain yogurt and add fruits and a bit of whipped topping. FF plain yogurt and sf instant pistachio pudding is the best; others love the yogurt with sf ff instant lemon, cheesecake, and white chocolate flavoring. You can use the sf ff instant chocolate, but I don't like the taste as much in yogurt; I would just as soon use sf ff instant chocolate pudding with milk. BTW, sf ff cooked pudding is better than the instant pudding, although it takes a bit longer. (You can still make it in the microwave in 6 minutes.)
    • Finally, You will find a tremendous amount of help on the Core thread. Those who are consistently on core and cook most of their own foods love to help the rest of us out.
    I know this post is long, but I hope it helps. I love core, but find it easier at some times of my life -- during a two-month birthday season in May and August and during the holidays -- to work mostly with the core food plan, but to stay on flex. I usually don't stay on core during the holiday season, because I personally find it hard to attend the usual parties and family get-togethers while following core. Now that the holidays are over, I am ready to return to core. I often switch after a few weeks now and then just to keep things interesting.

    This may be a long note, but I hope you will find it helpful.

    Post often so we can get to know you better.

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    Default Re: Core Program Questions

    Welcome to BCB, i heart. I agree with Mary, check out the Core board and Core recipes. You'll find lots of support and ideas there. Best wishes!
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