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Thread: venison (deer meat)

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    How would you count venison? I don't have it in any of my books. Steak, burger, tenderlion???
    ~ Kelly
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    Most game meats are very lean and count 1 pt. per oz. after cooking.

    I believe that most of them are also Core.


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    Thank you! I'm having caujin venison pattys for dinner and couldn't find anything!
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    Default Re: venison (deer meat)


    They have venison listings there.

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    Kelly: That is so funny you should post this today!!!! Just yesterday my husband and I had venison and were laughing as we tried to look up deer in the WW book knowing full well it wouldn't be listed!!! We figured 1 pt per oz since it is so lean. Tis the season for venison!

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    I am from PA too, and we eat lots of venison. I always count plain chops, loin, and regular burger( we make it ourselves with nothing added so I KNOW it has no added fat) all at 1 pt/oz. the burger that I make and add part beef burger to it I count the same as ground beef.

    I know I am going off topic, but what I REALLY would like to know is the recipe for cajun patties....I am so bored with the same old stuff. (I HATE venison roast, but anything with chops, steaks, loin, etc. would be much appreciated. I do make corned "beef" with part of one deer every year, but it is so high in sodium that you can eat it very often.

    thanks, girls!

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    Here's the nutritional info on venison:

    Game Meats: Deer or venison, raw

    Per 1 oz / Per 3.5 oz serving:
    Calories: 45 / 157
    Fat: 2.0g / 7.1 g
    Saturated Fat: 1.0g / 3.4g
    Cholesterol: 22.7mg / 80.0 mg
    Protein: 6.2g / 21.8mg
    Sodium: 21.3mg / 75mg
    Carbohydrates: 0.0g / 0.0g
    Fiber: 0.0g / 0.0g
    Calcium: 3.1mg / 11.0mg

    Basically, just confirming what's been said! I grabbed this from my CalorieKing program.

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    I had this tonight and was asking about it on WW site WOW thank you all. I have freezer full ok 3 freezers to be exact lol..

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    Checking in to see if the recipe for cajun patties was posted...

    I DID find venison in the complete food companion (not in the week one book from last year) 1 oz- 1 point just as everyone thought. I kind of chuckled..or almost up-chuckled at some of the stuff in there.... aramdillo, people really EAT that stuff? to each his own I guess!

    Have a great day buddies!

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    So is opposum considered a lean meat??? ughck!

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    I found this recipe on

    Makes:10 servings
    Prep Time:30 minutes
    Cook Time:not available
    Ready In:30 minutes

    6 1/2 pound lean venison
    3 1/2 pound ground pork meat
    4 ounces salt1 ounce black pepper
    1/2 ounce red cayenne pepper optional
    1 large onion
    1 lemon juiced
    1 bunch scallions

    On the venison make sure the fat, ligaments and tissues are all trimmed from the meat. Grind together the venison, pork meat and onion. Do not use to lean a pork meat; fat is needed to keep the sausage moist when cooking. Season with salt, peppers and lemon juice. Chop the onion tops and add to the sausage mixture. Put into casings or fry as patties or meatballs. This freezes nicely. Use in gumbos, stews, jambalaya, rice and gravy or add sage spice in your meat mixture and use as a breakfast sausage.

    If you want go to the site and you can customize the servings by typing how many servings and it will re-calculate everything for you. Hopefully it is what you wanted and hopefully they are good.
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    thanks Kevin. I be tit would be good stuffed in casings and grilled. I am always looking for something to do with the dreaded venison, and this will be great.

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    I actually had the opportunity to taste possum, raccoon and armadillo at a wild game dinner. They are the GREASIEST meats you could possibly imagine. Tasty, but GREASYYYYYYYY. Bleccccchhh!

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