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Thread: Water retention and spices

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    I've knocked soy sauce out of my spice rack because of the way it makes me retain water. Does anyone know of other particular spices/seasonings that also have that effect (other than salt obviiously!). We had Indian food last night; I had tandoori chicken and some grilled veggies, skipped the rice and naan bread. Now I'm wondering if the spices will impact my weigh in. Have been chugging lots of water but just curious if anyone has any thoughts/advice on other spices to avoid right before a weigh in?
    Many thanks!!
    Miss Emily

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    Have you tried lower sodium soy sauce? It's still very good. Don't know if it's "enough" of a difference... last time I used it, I wasn't on WW. I can't seem to cook Asian food at home and have it turn out at ALL, and that's the only time I'd use it.

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    I'm very sensitive to sodium and find that the lower sodium soy sauce works for me also.

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