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    Today I took a potato, sliced it in thin pieces and baked them in the oven until crisp (no butter, margarine, oils etc). I weighed them after I baked them and they measured at 5oz.
    NOW what I look up the points it says 1pt for 5.5oz of potato.
    Is that cooked, or uncooked? And if it is cooked, does it matter HOW you cook it?!??

    Getting the hang of things!!
    Thanks again!
    - Louise

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    My first thought would be points for a raw potato.. basically what you did was "dry" them out into potato crisps. I would weight first before you bake them.. then calculate based on that. Drying the moisture outta foods doesnt' change the calorie count.
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    Ok so according to WW then a med. "New Potato" is 1pt.
    5.5 oz of "potato" is 3 pts and 1/2 cup of "mashed potatoes" is 3 pts ( I assume this is because it is milk & butter?), I guess that's why I am confused.
    - Louise

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    And to add to my confusion... I just looked on the back of my bag of potatoes and it says that 4.5 oz is: 100 cal and 4g fibre and 0g fat = 1pt!???????
    - Louise

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