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Thread: Calling all Chipotle lovers!

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    Default Calling all Chipotle lovers!

    I found a nutrition facts calculator for anyone who eats out at Chipotle:

    I tried it and was astounded at the amount of fat and calories in the meals I had when I was off WW (4 crispy chicken tacos w/ guacamole had something like 1,000 calories and 44 - that's right, 44! - grams of fat). I tried caluculating the points and my pointsfinder doesn't even go up that high!
    Should I go again, I will probably try a salad with beans, salsa, chicken, & veggies and skip the cheese/guac/chips/etc.
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    That's a hard place to eat and be on WW. I'd rather grab a taco at a cheap mexi restaurant. Chili's is like that also- simple mexican/american food made as fattening as possible.
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    When I go, I'll get the chicken tacos in soft tortillas or burrito bowl with just lettuce, chicken, black beans and salsa.
    Chili's has a great "Guiltless Grill" menu that I order from when I go. The chicken sandwich is awesome.
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