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    You look younger and younger as the slide show goes on! You must be such Eye Candy to your wife!
    Colleen M.
    HW: 187
    SW: 181.8
    GW: 132 11/2007
    CW: 143.0

    One of my sweeties at school came up to me and put his arms up (I thought he was going to hug me - HA!) and said, while flapping my upper arms "Mrs. M---, why do your arms move like this?"

    Not this summer, baby!

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    Bryan -

    The pics are amazing - it's results like yours that keep me motivated!!

    Great work And great progress on your journey to lifetime!

    SW 297 (01/27/07)
    LW 195 (7/4/14)
    Restart 297 (1/28/14) (Ouch)
    CW 195 12/18/14 (-)
    Total Loss 102 lbs

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    elusivecow Guest

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    Fantastic!!! That is a great visual of what happens during successful and proper weight loss!

    YOU GO!!!

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    What a difference! You look great! How awesome that you and your wife shared in this venture as a team!


    Joined WW--1-13-2007
    Height - 5'2"
    SW - 170.6
    GW - 135
    10% GW: 153.4 -- 4-14-2007
    Goal: 134.8 -- 12-22-2007
    Total Loss: 35.8 lbs.
    WW Lifetime Membership--2-09-2008
    Current Weight-136

    My Pictures

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    DarthBryan Guest

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    An update--- i hit lifetime member 02/23/2008

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    Congratulations on getting Lifetime!!! You look great! WTG!
    HW: 195.6/SW: 195.6
    CW: 137.5 PGW: 138 WWGW: 155

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarthBryan View Post
    An update--- i hit lifetime member 02/23/2008
    Congratulations, Bryan!
    • HW-142 CW-118
    • Success is not built on success. It's built on failure. It's built on frustration. Sometimes its built on catastrophe.--Sumner Redstone

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    Wow! Way to go Bryan! You look great! Your wife and you are clearly working hard to change your lifestyles! Keep up the great work!
    SW: 166 CW: 149.2 GW: 145
    Here's to looking hot this summer!

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    Thats so cool that the too of you are doing this together; you are doing great.
    SW 224.4-- July 25, 2007
    CW 168.6
    GW 169
    PGW 160
    Total lost: 58.8 pounds
    Made goal: March 26, 2008

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