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    DarthBryan Guest

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    My wife and partner in crime (mamato2girls) told me about this area to post slide shows! I figure if she can get some woohoo's, so could I! It is great having her to go on this journey with!

    Front Pics

    Side Pics
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    Wow! Absolutely fabulous!! You look really healthy and fit.
    How terrific that you and your wife are on this journey together! I wasn't able to view her pics, but I bet you're one hot couple!
    Keep it up!

    SW and HW-198

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    Great pics!! You look amazing. I also saw your wife's pics, really great. And it's so nice that you two are doing this together!!
    kim....HW 189.0..SW 10/17/14 187.0 CW 185.0~GW 150

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    I am so proud of you babe! Love ya!
    6'1"-2DD~1/05 & 2/07
    4/17/07 SW:324.8/CW:257.4/GW:189

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    You should both be very proud- and I can tell you are in your last photo with that big ol smile on your face ! LOL!

    Seriously though- you are doing a great thing for not only yourselves but your kids! Keep up the good work!
    HW:256.8/cw:244/GW:size 8-10- whatever that is

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    Wow, I am speechless!! You look fabulous...that is so neat that you and your wife are doing this together. Ya'll are both knockouts!!! This is the best gift ya'll can give eachother this holiday season.

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    I looked at your wife's slideshow too and you both are doing an awesome job! You both look wonderful. Congratulations to you both.


    Losing weight to feel great in 2008!

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    You both have come so far, you guys look like one of thos HOT COUPLES! You know the ones that have to go together because NO ONE ELSE IS IN YOUR LEAGUE!!

    I am proud of you both! Great job!!

    HW: 297/ RESTART: 207.8/ CW: 205.6 / WWG: 146

    10/18/2011: RESTART
    *RNT is not an is a challenge!

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    Wow Wow Wow! You both look FABULOUS! Keep up the great work!

    Under the Shadow of the Almighty (Ps. 51)

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    YEA BcB Men in the house. Nice work DB. Congrats.

    you both look great. Keep it up..
    JD MO PLT Member #55

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    Both of you look amazing.. Every Picture that went by I said Wow wow wow.. Great job team work.... You all are very motivating..
    In Maryland :walking:
    Proud parent of Brittney age 9 Diagnosed with Diabetes 1-19-07
    Nickolas age 5
    SW: 179

    SW (Again 5-29-08) 166.6 Ugggghh
    After a roller coaster of a year with my daughter being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.

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    • HW-142 CW-118
    • Success is not built on success. It's built on failure. It's built on frustration. Sometimes its built on catastrophe.--Sumner Redstone

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    I am so proud of you babe! I am thrilled to know you will be at goal this month! Love you!
    6'1"-2DD~1/05 & 2/07
    4/17/07 SW:324.8/CW:257.4/GW:189

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    Great job Bryan!!!!! Its amazing how much you've changed. You really do look like a completely different person.
    height - 5'8"
    HW - 181
    CW -

    Weekly Exercise Goal - 75/210 miniutes

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    Kudos to the both of you! I find it very brave to post pics of yourselves, but honestly what a help for anyone out there wanting to lose weight and get healthy and happy.

    I maintain that having support while doing this is the best thing for anybody!

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    You couldn't have looked less pleased in those first photos! but as your journey continued..your smile got huge while your "lovehandles" disappeared....

    I've looked at both of your slide shows (and your DW) that you have both come so far on your journey together is awesome.. and show's your dedication to your new lifestyle.
    Be your own best friend every day.

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    Bryan.. Awesome Job man congrats on hitting goal. You earned it.

    MO Platoon Member #711
    SW - 237.4 - 12/14/10 | GW -179.0 ##/##/## | LT - 10/06/07| CW - 237.4 - 12/14/10 - +0.0# | Current Loss - 0.0#

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    Amazing job! I love how as you shrank your smile grew!!!
    Shannon ~~

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    DarthBryan Guest

    Default Re: Slide Show

    Thanks to all who posted... It feels great when I read your posts!!

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    shihtzuX2 Guest

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    Bryan: Great job, dude! What a transformation from that glum looking guy in slide 1 to that happy, buff guy in the last slide. You must feel like a million.

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    Good for you !!!!

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    I just saw Laura's slide show also! You two rock! What great examples for your children.

    3/16/02- Made WW Lifetime
    4'11"...SW 176lbs CW 154 lbs WGW 115
    Rejoining weight 11/17 154 lbs

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    The two of you are really working this program! Kudos!

    Height: 5' 10 1/2"
    High Weight: 294
    7-11-2010: 240
    7-20-2010: 238
    7-28-2010: 236
    8-16-2010: 234

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    Well, you were looking for them so here they are, straight from New York...


    Seriously, both you and your beautiful wife are doing a wonderful job! Congratulations to you both!

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    soonernort Guest

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    wow, congrats on the change in your life, those pics really inspire everyone.


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