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    Ok I just found out that on x-mas at work they want to order asian food for lunch. My ? is what is the best option? I have weighin on fridays and in times past Ive ate asian and gained a few lbs and that bites! So any suggestions would be great!
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    Sounds like you've been doing this long enough that you already should have a pretty clear idea of which foods are high in points and which are not. Just apply what you know. Which kind of Asian food are they having? Can you order your own dinner? I've found sushi to be pretty points-friendly. If it's Chinese, stay away from sweet and sour anything or anything that's fried, or in rich sauces. Fried egg rolls, crab rangoon, etc. are also out. Limit quantity on rice.

    I love Asian food, especially Korean food, but I've found it to be high in sodium and that makes me retain water and weigh more for 2-3 days. Probably, I'd just figure that it is just a water gain, and is only for one week, and I'd go for it - it would be different if you were planning on having a bunch of fried Chinese foods - but so long as you can stick to points-friendly Asian food, if the gain you're fearing is due to sodium, you know it won't hurt you in the long run. IMHO!
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    Here are links to WW that might help. Restaurants Restaurants

    PS: and my department decided to order out for today's Xmas party - Chinese, of course. The oprinal plan was to bring fixings for a salad and I was all set with feta cheese I was going to toss in EVOO, garlic and those delicious Greek herbs.

    I am boiling eggs for an egg salad sandwich. No one will mind as long as I'm happy. My weight loss is steady so I'd rather bring something than gamble on what would be the lowest points on the menu I brought home to study.
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