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    hey guys, i love this section and eventually i will post some progress pics but i thought this was cool so i wanted to share...i found a site where u can make a digital image of urself so u can get an idea of what u will look like at ur goal weight

    me at my start weight
    me at current weight
    me at goal weight

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    skinny_minnie Guest

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    That's pretty cool--I will have to check it out.

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    Thanks for the link. I like how you made a 'timeline' of pictures. I copied your idea and did the same for my HW and where I am now. It's nice to have the visual.
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    yeah the visual helped me too...made me feel like i was actually working towards an obtainable makes a big difference when u have a mental picture to refer to...or atleast it works for me

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    Very interesting.

    Here are my results:
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    It's fun to play with, but it's depressing as a larger person, since there are 50 lb gaps between showing any change in sizes once you're over 200.

    Here is a little projected timeline for me, at 275, 225, 175, and 145.

    I'll have to take real photos and make a comparison.
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    wow shrinky...great tool isn't it...i didn't think of taking real pics to use for a comparison...i might have to try that...

    kev it looks great! r u planning on weight trainin to get the same definition?

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    Nice link, thanks.

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    I must be doing something wrong because while it comes up and lets me put in my information, it won't save it. It just keeps turning and turning and turning. I'll try again later. I'd love to see how I'd virtually look at goal weight!


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    i didn't save my image on the site, i right clicked it and saved the image to my hard drive...hope this helps

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    elusivecow Guest

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    This is very cool! Even though I had lost a bunch, a few pounds crept back on recently (which is why I'm back here and ready to get my **** kicked) -- but just seeing that body shape of what I weigh now was a little more than "sobering".

    But, seeing what even a few pounds off will do to the appearance makes this something I really want again!!!!

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