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Thread: Do you "do" half points?

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    Default Do you "do" half points?

    I have some high fiber low-fat wraps (110 calories, more than 4 g fiber, 3 g fat) that come out to 2 points using the on-line tracker. On the "paper" tracker it's barely at the 2-point area.

    Is it legitimate to count it as 1.5 points? I really don't "fudge" my points, but it seems rediculous to give this thing 2 points (expecially when 1/2 cup of Fiber One cereal, at 60 cal, is reckoned as zer points).
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    Default Re: Do you "do" half points?

    I only count half points when I'm eating half of something that's one point. I use the online points calculator or my hand-held WW points calculator for virtually everything else. They calculate your wrap to be 2 points, so I would count it as 2 points. I guess those may round up a bit, but I'd rather be under than over on what I count.

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    I use e-tools and do half points because it does. If you got different results on paper I'd just do what the tracker says.
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    I don't do half points. It's just not worth the hassle. I use the cardboard points finder and it does whole points. If I can't do half points for everything, I don't want to do half points for anything.

    The rounding is going to work both ways over the long term. It all evens out.

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    I count half points, I use Etools so if it says it I go with it. I drink diet Swiss Miss cocoa and two packets is .5 (1 packet isn't enough it's to watery) damn I wish they sold bigger boxes of that stuff mmmm

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