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Thread: Points for Vegetables??

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    Default Points for Vegetables??

    I am back to WW (I know, starting the week of Thanksgiving probably doesn't make me the sharpest knife in the block) But, I did.

    I have had a hard time this week, staying OP for so many occasions. But I did, and tonight I found myself craving quantity. So I made roasted veggies. I know basic veggies are 0 points, but what if you eat alot them? Do I have to count the points then?



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    I think going back to WW the week of Thanksgiving is a great idea! The most food-conscious holiday of the year is a great time to start paying attention to how much you eat. You will be several steps ahead by the time we get to the new year!

    0-point veggies are always 0 Points no matter how much you eat. If you are adding oil to them to roast them, you need to count that when it gets up to 1 tsp. but that can cover a lot of veggies. But the veggies are free.

    There are a few, such as carrots & onions, that have Points if you eat enough (like 1 full cup cooked).

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    oh rats, I did eat carrots and onions. I guess that's why I was confused, maybe I subconciously remembered reading it.

    I roasted fresh green beans, onions, carrots and potatoes with 1 T olive oil. I counted the potatoes and olive oil. Now I guess I need to go back and add the points for the cooked carrots and onions.



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