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    I wrote recently about the 1 point hamburger buns. Today I tried a Boca Burger-flame grilled. I cooked it in the microwave. I added all my favorite condiments and it was very good. I could not believe it when I looked up the points for the Boca burger and it was just 1 point. What surprised me most was the good flavor. The total burger and bun was only 2 points. A live saver when you are really hungry and trying not to over eat your points. Boca also has a breakfast wrap that I want to try-it looks delicious. Anybody try these? I know they are vegetarian burgers-but they are very tasty. (I love meat and am not a vegetarian-but these are worth trying).

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    Those are very good!
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    thanks for reminding me of the burgers...when I first started ww I would make my own "big mac" with these...

    2 pieces of sara lee nf low carb bread 1 point
    2 boca patties 2
    1 slice ff chedder cheese 1
    2 tsp ff miracle whip
    1 rsp relish
    1 tsp catsup
    (all the above mixed together)1

    soo filling, and soo yummy! try it!
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