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Thread: 1 pt. string cheeses?

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    Default 1 pt. string cheeses?

    hi there BCBers. I am a big fan of string cheese. I mean... if I don't consume at least two sticks of cheesy goodness a day I go through withdrawal. Unfortunately I am particular about the type of string cheese I will eat. I am loving the Kraft String-Ums made with 2% milk... however, they're 2 points a piece and that adds up quick when you're a string cheese maven like I am. Does anyone have any brand recommendations for 1 point cheese sticks that DON'T taste like some rubberized version of what should be delicious mozzarella? I know they're out there but I'm having a hard time finding them! I might just bring my PointsFinder to the supermarket with me and stand in the aisle calculating points for each variety they sell... but this just seemed easier!

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    The "light" string cheeses are more likely going to be 1-pt.

    I do think they might be rubber-ier than the 2-pt. version.

    I remember liking Frigo Light (light blue on the package).

    Some are too salty, and I think Frigo wasn't.

    Also, you'll get used to the new texture. Or you can continue to pay the 2-pt. Do give several kinds a try to see if you have a favorite.

    You also might prefer them warm, or cold. See what that does to the taste/texture.
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    thanks! I'll look for Frigo at the supermarket.. I suppose I can buy several small bags (I think they come in packs of 12 usually?) and see what I like! I do like them at room temperature rather than cold from the fridge.

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    Cabot makes a light extra sharp "slice" individually wrapped. I think they round down to 1 point (it was pretty close to 1.5pts). But the sharpness of the cheese satisfied my craving for cheese. I've recently switched my "fix" to full fat goat cheese. I've slowly become more fond of the tangier (sp?) and stronger flavored full fat cheeses. 1 oz a day does it for me and that is usually 2 points.

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    My favorite is Trader Joe's light string cheese. But I like it because it tastes the most like the best string cheese ever from the Kalona cheese factory (and not like mozarella, which is definitely not string cheese). If you actually want your string cheese to taste like mozarella, you'll probably like the Frio brand better.
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