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    Default How to allot points through the day....

    I'm on Core. I'm doing well with it and will stay on it for another 3 1/2 weeks from now. I started back on June 12th with an exchange Program... it was an old WW Program and did 4 weeks with good results, -15.5 lbs. off. I then went to Core and have been on it since. Last week was week 20 and I actually got the 50th pound off the day after I weighed in and I do this at home so I'm happy with all of that.

    I'm lost with Flex. I know I need to start to learn how to do Flex eventually because I need to really know how many points I should be eating for weight loss, weight maintenance and also understand food and which ones will be better than others for me. I also can't stay Core forever. I know this is not what I ultimately want to do. I love good for you foods but I also know that I'd like to eat food at Arby's, McD's and off the Core list restaurants for points and not just blow wpa's for the week on that. I'm used to eating salads so if I ate the Asian Chicken salad for points from McD's for example, it isn't Core but it is healhier than eating a fried fish and fries like I used to but here and there I'd enjoy that fried fish if it were in my points budget.

    Ok, so enough with background... here's my question...
    let's say I have 28 points in a day to spend. How do I allocate these points for meals? Please give me a rule of thumb because I am absolutely lost with this!

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    Default Re: How to allot points through the day....

    I would suggest sitting down and making a plan. Let's say you plan to have three healthy snacks a day (and snacks are important!), so you might want to plan 2-3 points for each of those snacks. Three points per snack for three snacks would be 9 points; subtracted from your 28 point total, that leaves you 19 points for your meals. You could plan 4-5 points for breakfast, 7-8 points for lunch, and 7-8 points for dinner. Let's say you had 5 points for breakfast and 7 points for lunch; that leaves you 7 points for dinner. If you're doing something special, like a celebratory dinner, you might want to have a 4 point breakfast, a 6 point lunch, and a 9 point dinner, for example. You can also play with your snacks, making some of them lower-point if needed. The best thing to do for Flex is develop a plan that you can live with, dividing your points throughout your day as you need them. Also, don't forget that you've also got 35 flex points that you can use each week. I get 21 points a day, and I usually have about 3 points for breakfast, 5-6 points for lunch, and about 6-7 points for dinner, along with 2-3 snacks that are 1-3 points each. I try to eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, which cost me less points.

    It sounds like you're going great!

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    Default Re: How to allot points through the day....

    Just to add to the previous post...don't forget that on FLEX unlike CORE you need to still get your healthy 8s in and you must count the points for your oils and milks when calculating your points...just thought I should add my two cents worth...keep up the good work...xoxo...cherie

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    Keep in mind with either program (Flex or Core) you have 35 weekly allowance points to use as you choose. If using the Flex plan it's wise to use all of your daily points as well as most, if not all of your flex or WAP's. The more you use now and lose weight the more you will be able to use later when you go into maintenance without starving yourself. Remember - this is for life!
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    My system is to allocate about 1/4 of my daily points for each of breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and 1/4 for snacks and to spread around. I also plan to use at least 2-3 WPA per day, plus all of my Activity Points. By the end of the week I use pretty much all of the WPA.

    I suggest you look at how often you are eating now and plan to eat pretty much the same. If you have found that you eat 6 times a day on Core, then you should plan to eat that way on Flex too.

    Flex is not all that different from Core. You don't throw away everything you know just because you switch. On Flex, because you count everything, you have more Points available for things that are not Core, but I find that I am most satisfied if most of my foods are Core. Core foods are also low in Points! I follow flex but a lot of my meals would be "free" or "nearly free" on Core and sometimes I don't eat it all because I still pay attention to my hunger signals and I don't want to get "stuffed." You need to get in the healthy 8s either way.

    It sounds like you are going great. Keep up the good work!

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    Default Re: How to allot points through the day....

    My points are usually divided:

    dinner- 10-12

    I have 23 daily points, and I use about 5 of my flex points each day.


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