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Thread: PadreC

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    wow you look incredible!!!
    SW: 251.5
    CW: 241.6
    GW: 200
    Over time, your choices shape you. Literally.

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    Way to go buddy! Great job!
    MO Platoon Member #37

    HW: 346
    SW: 333 (11.16.07)
    CW: 323.5 (11.27.07)
    GW: 200

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    WOW! You have determination. This has only been 8 months.

    3/16/02- Made WW Lifetime
    4'11"...SW 176lbs CW 154 lbs WGW 115
    Rejoining weight 11/17 154 lbs

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    Default PadreC

    Not only do you look better - you look HEALTHIER!!

    Padre - YOU ROCK!
    Start Weight 219.5 (04/05/11)
    Goal Weight 140 - 79.5 lbs to go!
    Goal #1 - 10% Goal (21.95 lbs)

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    What an inspiration to the Newbies (myself included)!
    wedding: 07.19.08

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    Great Work!!

    Joined WW--1-13-2007
    Height - 5'2"
    SW - 170.6
    GW - 135
    10% GW: 153.4 -- 4-14-2007
    Goal: 134.8 -- 12-22-2007
    Total Loss: 35.8 lbs.
    WW Lifetime Membership--2-09-2008
    Current Weight-136

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    5 lbs to go so I thought I'd bump up my own thread. Nothing like inflating your head to give me the boost to lose those last 5.


    ps. I added some more photos to my slideshow.
    Last edited by PadreC; 01-02-2008 at 06:44 PM.
    SW: 4/2/7- 339lbs
    CW: 10/1/9- 194lbs--145 lbs LOST Slideshow
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    LOL, with that weight loss, you are allowed to bump your thread! Wow, just 5 lbs to go. Good job!!!
    HW: 190.4/SW: 180.2 5/23/07
    CW: phat PGW: 138 WWGW: 155

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    Your hard work shows!

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    I've said it before but I'll say it look great Padre!! Such an inspiration to us all!!!!

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    Your pics make me what to get my wife to shoot a whole portfolio of me so when I lose this weight and keep it off, we can sit back and LAUGH~

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    Awesome job Padre!!! The men are in the house!!!

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    Good job my friend, what a transformation, Wooowooooooo!!
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    You look SO GREAT!! This is inspiration for me to help my husband keep going! He's been on WW a week (with my help) and has lost 7.1 pounds.. you are PROOOOOOOOF that WW works for men!

    Congratulations on a FABULOUS job well-done.
    Trish HW: 190 SW: 170 CW: 164.2 GW: 135ish

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    Default Goal

    Well I made it.

    I have lost 35.2% of my previous self.
    Total inches lost: 34.75 (I didn't start tracking until I had already lost 40 lbs)



    Last edited by PadreC; 01-31-2008 at 11:18 PM.
    SW: 4/2/7- 339lbs
    CW: 10/1/9- 194lbs--145 lbs LOST Slideshow
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    You look fantastic Padre!! You must feel like a whole new person!!

    ETA ~ Congrats on making goal!!

    That's not sweat, it's your fat cells crying.

    Pregnant with Baby #3!!
    Due February 2012

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    Man that is an amazing difference, what a motivator it is to us all.


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    Smile Re: PadreC

    THANK YOU for having the courage to post pictures of yourself like that. I just started, and I am so inspired by your success, especially since my body looks very much likes yours did when you started off. I am going to lose the weight, and when I do, I hope I can be as inspirational to others as you have been to me (and so many others, by reading the thread!)


    Started WW 1/28/07
    CW-Pending WI on 2/4/08
    GW - 10% = 283 (baby steps)

    QOTD: "If I wake up tomorrow with nothing left but my pulse and a sense of humor, I'll happily start all over again." --Jules Carlysle

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    My pleasure...I kinda like showing off a little I guess.

    I also remember when I first joined this forum there were very very few men with pictures in the show off section so I'm glad to contribute.

    You can do it- keep working. Oh yeah, and exercise!

    SW: 4/2/7- 339lbs
    CW: 10/1/9- 194lbs--145 lbs LOST Slideshow
    Running Log

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    Another update.

    Still dropping a lb or two as time goes by.

    I average around 210-215, run 25-30 miles a week and I'm still weight training consistently.

    SW: 4/2/7- 339lbs
    CW: 10/1/9- 194lbs--145 lbs LOST Slideshow
    Running Log

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    congratulations! You look awsome! Just think how many more years you will have with your little boy
    1-14-2010:162 (trying to concieve & got pregnant w/2nd baby.
    CW 9-18-2010:223 (8 months preggo)
    Will be officially starting WW again while BF as soon as Ms. Natalie is born, October 22nd
    1st Goal: to be 190 by christmas or at least under 200 for sure.

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    You are looking great padre...awesome job!


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    Great job!! My younger brother started WW in Jan at 352 pounds. I had shown him your slideshow as inspiration to get him to believe he could do this. He has lost around 40 pounds-thank you! I am going to show this to him again.

    It is wonderful to see men posting pictures.

    How tall are you?

    SW 311.2, CW 168.4 Total lost 142.8 5'1"

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    Thanks everyone for the kind words.

    Petite- I'm 6'1.

    Tell him to not skip the exercise, that's what has really kept me motivated.

    I took this one this morning after my 6 mile run; Those are words I never thought I'd be able to say.

    SW: 4/2/7- 339lbs
    CW: 10/1/9- 194lbs--145 lbs LOST Slideshow
    Running Log

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    I'm sorry I didn't see this thread sooner. It really helps us all to see your progress. Thanks!
    Amy-SAHM of 4

    HW: 217
    CW: 217

    Starting WW's new plan (again for the millionth time) 1/2/12

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