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Thread: 1 Point hamburger buns!

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    I thought I would share this with everyone. I just got back from the grocery store. I purchased some Merita Lite Hamburger buns (8 in a pack) for burgers tonight. I double checked the calories, fat, fiber and they are only one point!
    I often buy bread (lite) that is one point for 2 slices-but this is the first for a hamburger buns and they just 2.19 for the pack. Has anyone tried these yet. They are wheat.

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    I wouldn't use anything else =) Do you live in the south? It seems to be impossible to find anything Merita anywhere else.

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    These things are my lifesaver! They freeze wonderfully too, so if you're like me and don't use a whole pack at a time, you can pop them into the freezer. I like to put a Boca patty and a slice of 2% cheese on them, and have a 3-point cheeseburger.

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    Wouldn't ever use anything else. My Saturday meal is a Bocca on this hamburger bun (2 pts) and fat free Pringles (1 pt).

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    Not sure where else you could find Merita bread products.You might see if they have a website and maybe find info there. I live in Birmingham....awwww, going through town you can smell Merita's bread ..smells sooooooo good!
    I had not seen these buns, but will definately look for them..thanks

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    In the midwest, you can find Country Hearth Lite buns (white & wheat) and they are only 1 pt. each, too! I'm NEVER without some in the cupboard!!

    They have sliced bread and hotdog buns, too.

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