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Thread: Coffee=loss of appetite?

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    Default Coffee=loss of appetite?

    hey guys,
    i was just wondering if anyone else notices seems that if i have coffee in the morning, i don't really feel like eating anything for the rest of the day. maybe i will start to get hunger pangs near the very end of the day (i think it depends on how much coffee i drank)...but if i do drink coffee in the morning, i have to force myself to eat and i always feel like i am going to puke cause i feel so full.

    i used to just get starbuck's frappucinnos (cold, blended), and i never noticed it then. since it's starting to get cold i have been getting hot drinks, and now i definitely notice it. what do y'all think??
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    Everyone is different. It worked like that for me until I was about 40, then caf. started making me hungry. Go figure. I thought it was all in my head until I talked to the doctor about it. He said our bodies flip flop. Things change effects on us. I drink decaf now and have since then. I figure I'll do whatever works.

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    Coffee most definately makes me not hungry. Every Saturday after my meetings my wife and I go out for sushi. I always have coffee with my meal and by the time I am done, I am stuffed. If I don't have coffee with it, I am still starving. I usually have around 4-5 cups. I drink it black.

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    I stopped drinking caffeinated coffee this year. However, when I used to drink it, it didn't seem to suppress my appetite too much. Caffeine is no good for your body and I wouldn't suggest to anyone to drink it in order to not eat. Eating "healthy" is definitely the better choice to make, IMHO.
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    Sorry Kristale - I disagree. I just read about a study that shows that coffee drinkers are 25% less likely to get Alzheimers and I saw one earlier that said they have a slightly lower chance of having type 2 Diabetes. (Black coffee).

    Sarajane - I wish coffee had the effect on me it does on you. I don't think it makes me more hungry - but it definitely doesn't suppress my hunger.

    You need to eat your points - so cut back on the coffee if it's doing you wrong!

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    kristale, believe me, i know! i wasn't trying to say that i was using it as a way to not eat. i was just wondering if anyone else noticed the same thing.

    as for whether it's good for you or not...i just look at it like i look at all the other health warnings/cancer-cause day it's good for you, then someone comes out with a study that says it's bad...then it's good again...oh wait! now it's bad...i try not even to listen to all that stuff!
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