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    I got a very generic store brand box of elbow macaroni. The NI on it is for 1/2 cup. Is that 1/2 cup before cooking or 1/2 cooked noodles??

    Duh I know I should know this but I'm drawing a blank.


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    It's definitely helpful when foods give you the "in box" vs. "as prepared" NI. I would look up pasta in the general foods listing (do you have a Complete Food Companion?) and use that instead...I think regular pasta is 4 pts for 1 cup cooked.
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    Basically, ALL pasta, even whole wheat, is 200 calories or 4 pts. for 2 oz. uncooked. Some of the whole wheat ones get down to 3 pts. for 2 oz. because of the fiber.

    If you haven't tried the whole wheat pastas, I highly recommend them. Everyone seems to have a different favorite, so I won't tell you mine! The thing I like most about them is that they don't absorb liquids after cooking like the regular pastas do. So if you have leftovers, the whole wheat pasta doesn't absorb all the sauce and get soft and sticky.

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