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    I just bought mastercook 9.0 and have no idea how to use it. I have tried playing with it, using the tips I have read through out this forum and still am at a loss.
    any basic step by step instruction for making a recipe and getting the nutritional value, would be greatly appreciated!

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    I fumbled my way through but I found this on the internet. I collected the info over many threads and sites so it may seem 'jumpy'.

    I still don't use all of the features. One day I'll sit down and really work on it. I had MC7 which was very difficult to use. Believe it or not MC9 is easier.

    One warning - MC9 froze all of my personal cookbooks and they can't be opened. I lost 100s of tried and true favorites. In fact, that's when I quit messing with the program. I didn't want to save anything in a cookbook created by me.
    Importing with MasterCook 9

    Importing into MasterCook

    I am going to assume that you have a rudimentary working knowledge of computers.

    Open your MasterCook program; open the cookbook you intend to import the recipe into. In the upper right-hand corner of your screen you will see a dash, a square box and a white X in a red box (in most programs).

    Click on the dash which will minimize your MC program to the bottom of your desktop. Now, open whichever program your recipe(s) are in…let’s say Microsoft Word.

    Open ONE of your recipe’s; place your cursor somewhere in the document and then push Ctrl +A. This will highlight or select the entire document. Now, click the right button of your mouse and select "copy". Go to the bottom of your screen and left click on MC, which will maximize your MC program.

    In MC you want to be at the main list of your recipes in that cookbook. On the right side of that page you will see a little envelope; put your cursor on that and right click; a small menu will open at the bottom of which will be "Import Assistant…"

    Select, with a left click, Import Assistant and another window will open. In the upper part of that window will be the largest of two boxes with buttons on the right side. Below that is a smaller box (which we will not use) with "Select a Recipe Field" above it.

    Now, in the larger box your cursor should be blinking; if not, place your mouse indicator in the box and left click. Above the larger box it will say something like "Paste text into Import Assistant using Ctrl+V." You may do that or with your cursor inside the larger box, right click and select "paste." Now we have our recipe inside the larger box.
    What we do now is format it for MC. This is how we do that: When you begin, you will "normally" be at the bottom of the recipe in the window. Using your up arrow to the right of the keyboard, take your cursor to the top of the recipe.

    This is the format you want your recipe in: First line at the top of the window (no blank lines above it..if there are blank lines above the title, delete them) is the title of the recipe, let’s say Butterbeans; it can be in all caps, all lower case letters or a mixture, whatever you want.

    Leave one blank line below that; here you can either make some notes which will appear under the "notes" tab next to the directions tab under the ingredients list. Leave one blank line under your notes and begin the ingredients list. If you have no notes, begin the listing of ingredients and quantities. The format will appear something like this:

    (1 blank line)

    Butterbeans are a great source of …… I got this recipe from my Great Grandmother Clinton (or Bush if you’re a Bush fan)……..etc.

    (1 blank line)

    1 pound dried butterbeans

    1 large ham hock

    (2 blank lines)

    To begin this recipe, pick over the dried beans carefully, removing any and all rocks…….etc.

    To separate the different steps of the recipe, i.e. step one..wash the beans, from step two, soak the beans; leave one blank line. Once you have the steps separated as you want them, again push Ctrl + A. This will again highlight or select the entire recipe. The button to the right of the large window labeled "Auto-Fill" should light up or the letters should darken. Click on the Auto-Fill button and your blank recipe fill in. There might be a window open that says something to the effect of "MasterCook will now attempt to fill in the recipe." Click OK and the recipe should fill in.

    We now have the recipe filled in and the Import Assistant window should still be open. In that window, click "Save Recipe" and then "Done" and the window should go away, leaving you with just your newly filled in recipe. There will be tabs below the ingredients list. Select "Categories" and a list of your categories will open (provided of course that you have established categories…that’s another story). Select the category you want the recipe in and then use Ctrl+S which will save the recipe.

    When you’re importing a recipe with the handy-dandy MC9 icon on your browser, here is an additional feature I don’t know if you’ve noticed.

    "Edit" feature: After you’ve highlighted a Title, Directions, Ingredients or whatever else you’ve decided to import and checked the box next to that feature, you’ll notice the word "Edit" to the right of the features name. If you click on that, it will open up a window with the information you’ve selected to import. You can then "edit" that information, i.e. if the title of the recipe is all in caps and you don’t want it that way you can change it; or, if the directions are preceded by a number and you don’t want that since MC9 numbers the steps anyway, you can delete them. You want to do the editing before you save it into a MC cookbook.

    Importing into MasterCook 9 pt deux

    The previous description of how to import recipes into MC was a relatively simple procedure. Now, MC 9 has made it even easier.

    After you install MC 9 you will notice a new icon (in Internet Explorer anyway) up with the other icons of favorites, etc. It is MC 9 icon.

    While you are browsing in a site or some other program and you see a recipe you like you simply click on the MC 9 icon. This will open another window to the right of your browser window.

    It has a "check" box on the left and then a description of a recipe component, i.e. Title, Ingredients, Author, etc. Look over to the recipe and highlight say the recipe Title, then go to the MC 9 list and check Title.

    As you do this you will notice the box labeled "Add to Recipe List" which will light up…don’t do anything with that box until you’ve finished highlighting the various components of the recipe and checking the corresponding box.

    Once you are done, click on the "Add to Recipe List" box. Above that box you will notice the word "List." After clicking on the "Add to Recipe List" click on the word List above. It will open MC 9 and bring up a list of your cookbooks; select the cookbook you want the recipe in and select "OK".

    Voila, the recipe is now imported into that cookbook. I haven’t checked to see if it assigns a "Category" within the cookbook to the recipe, but I think you can figure that out for yourselves
    J. Isn’t that exciting? Now, you can add thousands of recipes to your cookbooks with very little effort.

    Posting to a site from MC 9

    This is another simple exercise with the new MC.

    Open MC 9. At the opening page select "Masterlist" at the bottom of the page; OR, you can open the cookbook, which contains the recipe you wish to post, and select "Masterlist"…either way works.

    This will open a smaller window containing a list of cookbooks; each cookbook title will have a plus sign (+) to the left of it. Left –click on the plus sign in front of the cookbook containing the recipe you wish to post; this will open that cookbook and list all the categories in that book; select the category containing the recipe and then in the right part of the window it will list all of the recipes in that category.

    Left-click once on the recipe title, then right-click which will open a menu. Select "Copy" and then go to the site you choose, open a post, place the cursor in the post box, right-click and choose "Paste." Your recipe has now been posted.

    If the recipe doesn’t appear, with the site window open, maximize MC 9, and select the recipe again, then minimize MC 9 and paste the recipe into the post window.

    When you have MC open, you'll notice on the bottom it has two arrows labeled back and forward, then says, "Home, Search, etc." At the very end of that line it says, "MasterList." If you click on MasterList, another window opens and it has all your cookbooks listed.

    Select [click on] the cookbook the recipe is in; when it expands, click on the category [or ALL] and the recipe names will appear on the right side of that window.

    Select the recipe you want, then right click on it and a menu will open. Select "copy".

    Then you go to the forum [or to Microsoft Word or other word processor, etc], open the forum window to make a reply [or a new thread], put your cursor into the reply box, right click and select "paste." Voila, your recipe is now in the reply box, word processor or wherever you want it. Isn't that easy?


    Stuff 2

    MC9 Transferring files between cookbooks

    As mentioned in previous instructions for MC9, I created an export file in "My Computer -> Local disk C," called "MC Exports." When I export a file from MC 9, I export it to that file. You can do the same thing (I do it for expediency, that way I don’t have to search or remember which file I exported to) or you can export it to a different file within MC9 such as "My Collection."

    To transfer a recipe (file), open the cookbook you wish to export the recipe/file from and highlight the recipe (one left-click on the title).

    Then go to the right side of your screen to the little envelope near the bottom. Right-click on the envelope and select "Export and Mail" which will open another window. In the bottom window you will see the name of the recipe/file.

    Select that recipe/file with one left-click (if you choose to export several recipes/files, make sure they are ALL highlighted). In the top window you will see three tabs, labeled "Mail, Folder, and Export to PDA," select "Folder."

    Choose which folder you wish the recipe/file exported to by left-clicking once (If you created a folder such as MC Export, you will find it listed under "My Computer -> Local disk C" or wherever you placed it) on that folder.

    Next, at the bottom of the two windows you will see two buttons; if you select the "Single File" button, no matter how many recipes/files you have chosen to export, they will ALL be exported under the title you give it; if you select "Multiple Files" each recipe/file will be exported under it’s own name to the folder you have chosen.

    I usually use the "Single File", because when I open it all the recipes/files exported are in one location. You can then open that "Single File" and all the recipes/files you exported will be listed there individually.
    When you go to locate that file for importing, it will be located somewhere similar to below:

    Local disk (C

    Documents and Settings

    'your' Documents and Settings

    Program Files

    MC Export

    Recipe Name, i.e. White Sauce

    To Print a Recipe Index in MC9
    If you only want to print the index for say, "Appetizers" select that category within the MC 9 cookbook you wish to print a list from. If you want to print an index for "All" recipes, select that category. Then go to "File" and select "Print/Publish cookbook."

    When the resulting printer window opens, deselect "Recipes" and select "Recipe Index." If you leave "Recipes" selected along with "Recipe Index" it will print the recipes along with the index. It’s simple, but you must pay attention to what you are doing or you’ll waste a lot of paper.

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    Lol, I totally forgot about the question about the NI.

    Click on a recipe and bring it up. To the right, there will be a row of icons. Click on the heart and the nutritional info will pop up. You may have to add the NI of a certain ingredient because MC doesn't list anything but the basics.

    When you print out a recipe, the basic Nl be on the bottom.

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    Default Re: Mastercook 9.0

    Hoppy thank you so much for posting all of this for me!

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    Default Re: Mastercook 9.0

    Here's a great site for downloading wonderful cookbooks.

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