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    Is it correct that eating too much tinned fish is bad for you due to the mercury levels? I easily have four tins a week. My current fav lunch is tinned tuna on a zero point salad. I find this lunch very filling and tasty, but am concerned about the heavy metal levels in the tuna. Can anyone advise?


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    I've done lots of reading on this from both fitness magazines and other sources.

    It seems there is no real conclusive answer but there is a safe answer. The safe answer is that predatory fish (shark, tuna, swordfish, marling) have increased mercury levels and eating too much mercury is dangerous and can lead to memory loss among other things.

    The longer answer is that non pregnant healthy females and healthy males don't have HUGE reason to be concerned with this. Every can of tuna varies so they simply have no idea how much mercury is in each can.

    Chunk light tuna is your best bet as that has the lower amount of mercury than other types.

    So there's my UNPROFESSIONAL opinion mixed with my research.

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    SW: 4/2/7- 339lbs
    CW: 10/1/9- 194lbs--145 lbs LOST Slideshow
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