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Thread: Newbie back on the band wagon

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    keg1276 Guest

    Default Newbie back on the band wagon

    Hello! Im back on the WW diet as of this morning! Im very excited about it as last time I was on the program I went from 180 to 150 and have since stopping (although weight has fluxuated) have only gained back 4 lbs. My goal is to lose about 25-30 more lbs putting my BMI in the exact perfect healthy range. I do have some questions (as its been awhile).... I dont still have a points tracker so certain foods (such as eggs, english muffins, certain meats, potatoes, etc) I dont know point values of.... does anyone know a site that I might be able to find point values at?

    I think this site is fantastic and I think it will definately help me to reach my goals if I have supporting friends who are in the same boat with me

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    Aditswimbug Guest

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    Welcome back! This site has really helped me to stick to the program, and I feel great! There are several sites out there that carry lists of foods with points values, I would just google "weight watchers food points values" and see what came up. Also, if you have a meeting in your area, you could go to one and pick up a points calculator and other information. I think it would be worth it to pay $8.00 and have what you need on hand. It would probably help you stay On Program in the long run!

    What ever you decide, know that you have my support and that of other BCBer's!

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    Welcome to BCB, keg1276. Kudos for maintaining. Check out the Useful Websites and Links for more WW information. You'll find sites that list calories/fat/fiber for foods there under the category Food and Nutrition. Post often for buddy support.
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    Welcome to BCB, Keg,

    You can get all the booklets by joining a regional meeting site. If you get the monthly package you can also get WW e-tools free if you are in the US.

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