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    Hi Everyone

    I love love love parmesan cheese. I have yet to try ff parmesan cheese and I was hoping that someone here who has tried it could give me any information on it. Is it good? How does it compare to regular parm. cheese? I mean I know that it is ff but some ff cheese is not that horrible. My latest addiction is air popped popcorn ff spray butter and parm cheese. If I could cut down on the points or make it completely core that would be great. Any information on ff parm would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

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    I do not like all fat free cheese, however I do like fat free parmesan. That is how I like it too...........on air popped popcorn.



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    I have never found it. Where do you buy it? I have at least one recipe that would be all CORE if I could find it!

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    I get my FF parmesan at Wegman's - it is their brand - and it is pretty good!

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    Kraft makes a FF parmesan which you can probably find in the spaghetti sauce/pasta aisle at your supermarket.

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