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    I am having a real hard time staying close to being op. I recognize this. It happens to me every time. I lose around 40 pounds, feel much better than I did and kind of stop. I really would like to be thinner as 280 pounds is no lightweight but compared to when I was 320 its a big difference. My legs feel so much better now than they did. I am determined not to put the weight back on again but have to motivate myself to get back op. I need to start doing some exercise during the week. Have to start writing things down again and stop eating out so much.

    Thanks I needed to vent. It's a new day. Starting over again. At least this time I didn't just give up like I usually do. Will try to post here more often as I have gotten away from that too.
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    how bout another 40?

    Imagine what you'll feel like then?

    Just want to encourage you bro- you can do it!

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    Same here - congrats on your loss.

    Might help if you shorten your horizon to what you need to do today - concentrate on living the program as you go into each meal or snack asking am I going to make a good choice here. . .

    Stay in now - be where your hands are - be vigilant and body aware - it will all pay dividends later.

    Later gator.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PadreC
    how bout another 40?

    Imagine what you'll feel like then?

    Mike, you and I have the same goal, and I started where you are now. What you've done so far is amazing. I dropped from 280 to 240 on the CORE plan alone -- no exercise. After dropping to 240 I suddenly had all this energy and couldn't sleep so I figured I'd start exercising.

    I also know what it's like to hit a big goal and then feel like celibrating, like you're owed going off program, but you have to just keep going -- a day at a time is right. Good luck!
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    I agree with Padre....just think how another 40 would found. My wife and I set small goals. we go for 10lbs at a time and then take a picture. we put them on a board so we can compare the difference and with each 10 lbs we lose the motivation gets stronger. Maybe try that....

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    The guys are right. You need another goal.

    It's not uncommon to let down when one of the unwritten goals gets met (feeling better). That is why written goals are so much more important. We can't pretend that the goal doesn't exist when we write it down...

    Good luck

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    Still 10 lbs away from my 10% goal at ww. I lost 20lbs before I started going to meetings when I thought I was going to have lap band surgery. I'm sure thats why I feel so much better as I really have lost my 10%. I'm sticking to my ww goal as my next step. Almost blew off the meeting last night because I knew it wasn't going to be good but glad I went as it was of the best meetings in a long time. Gained 4.6 The leader wants to not tell me my weight for November to try and help me get over if its a numbers thing. Still going to get weighed every week but not know how I do. Not sure I want to try that. He told me to think about it for the week.
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