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    I am so confused over the points in skinless boneless chicken breasts!! I normally use frozen chicken breasts when I'm cooking and the nutrition facts on the back of the bag comes out at 2 points per breast. Doesn't most people count chicken breasts as 4 points? So the recipes that are listed here with chicken in the recipe, can I lower the points since I'm using the frozen?

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    Always go by the nutritional information on the package, if you have it.

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    I was wondering the same thing, but id rather over estimate than under.

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    Always use nutritional information if you have it, BUT remember that the points value for chicken breast in the getting started book is for COOKED chicken. The nutritional information you have is for the RAW chicken by weight. It's heavier when it's raw, before much of the moisture cooks out.

    Same thing with restaraunts. A 12oz steak is the RAW weight (sounds more impressive). Not the cooked weight. So if you're using the points values from the book (those are for cooked meat), take off about a quarter of the weight from whatever the menu says.
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    Points for all meat, fish and chicken are calculated by ounce for cooked weight. I usually advise that you always go by nutritional label numbers, but in this case, I would go by WW book values.

    You can estimate that all lean meat (beef & pork) and chicken is one point per oz. and fish is one point per 2 oz.

    If you don't have a food scale--get one!! It will change your life!! You'll be surprised at how much you have been over AND under estimating your portions! It also works great for light things like chips and cereal.

    Keep watching those portion sizes!!
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    Also, keep in mind that the NI on the back is per serving (as they see it!). Often, even if is says 1 breast, if you weigh it it will actually be more than the weight listed in the NI . For example, my frozen chicken from Costco says NI for 1 breast and gives the weight. However, there isn't a single breast in the package that is as small as the one listed in the NI. I've weighed it before cooking and after. Most times the actual breast is 2x what is listed in the NI. Not saying that this is is happening in your case but it doesn't help to double check.

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