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    Sorry for the sad topic....hello i'm Lily and i'm 22 years old. I have been struggling with weight as far back as i can remember. Quick background...i was a very overweight child until i was finally diagnosed with having an underactive thyroid and the treatment of that helped me shed weight...when i was 18 i was 5"4' and 122 lbs...completely happy with myself....then i developed a horrible binge eating problem...dontknow not im 22 and at 142lbs...i know its not a HUGE jump but i dont like myself at this weight...i would love to be 127-130. Its sad because im such a level headed person, but i have tried to starve myself and it never worked of course and i know how dumb that is...i tried diet pills...tried skipping meals....over exercising...everything...and i just gain my brother was on weight watchers for a month and he was aroun 350lbs and he has lost 15-20 lbs so far...and he tells me how easy it is so i just ordered a kit off of ebay....ill keep everyone posted...i am a very open and honest person so i would love to find some buddies on here i start tomorrow!

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    Hi! I too have a thyroid problem and you will find many many many of us have them on here. I think you've found a good place to find a happy medium with food. Have you been to the T20's board? There's a thing on there called Binge Busters- many are struggling with binging issues there.

    Be very careful about starving yourself. Not only is it unhealthy but it slows your metabolism, and with a thyroid problem your metabolism is already a very difficult thing to control. Good Luck and if you need a buddy- PM me or come to the t-20's and you'll find help, inspiration etc over there!
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    thanks so much, thats so comforting to know that there are others on this board with a binge eating problem...its a bad bad feeling to feel as though u have no control over ureself.....and would be great to talk to people with thyroid problems...ure takes a toll on ure metabolism so we have to make sure we treat our bodies great....ill check out that board!

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    Welcome to BCB, Jellybean22. You'll get lots of support on the T-20s board. Also, your brother can be a source for you in real life. You can do this.
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    Welcome Jelly,

    Don't beat yourself up. You will find that whatever the problem there is always someone here that can understand your situation. Go to the 20s site and introduce yourself. You'll get tons of support.

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