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Thread: Pinkberry--for Angelenos or New Yorkers

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    Default Pinkberry--for Angelenos or New Yorkers

    Does anyone know the points value for this "frozen yogurt" joint? They are popping up everywhere in LA. It seems pretty light, and I heard each ounce is only 25 calories...any truth to that?

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    It's hard to say for sure since their website is non-functioning, but found this information on the web...BTW, it doesn't sound very nutritious and far from being only 25 calories! If you read post #2 from this link you'll see what I mean.
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    Default Re: Pinkberry--for Angelenos or New Yorkers

    Go to Golden spoon instead--there are tons in CA, and even if you have to drive a bit, it's worth it. Lots of flavors, it tastes incredible, and it's only 17 calories per ounce.

    A mini (which is a reasonable serving) is one point.

    A small (which is large enough that I usually don't finish it) is 2 points.

    A medium (which is rather huge, really) is 2 points as well.

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    Default Re: Pinkberry--for Angelenos or New Yorkers

    This is what posted about Pinkberry today:

    As for Pinkberry, I like it. For those of you who aren't familiar with it, it's very trendy, sort of "retro" tasting frozen yogurt, with many of its locations in Los Angeles and a few in NY. (FYI, Pinkberry just got LOTS of funding from the founder of Starbucks, so you may be seeing these yogurt shops in your town soon.) It's kind of sour and plain tasting, but people are flipping over it. There are TONS of Pinkberry rip-offs these days, too. These fat-free yogurts (as well as most nonfat soft-serve fro yos) typically have about 20 - 25 calories an ounce as well. Assuming your server sticks to the correct portion size, a small plain yogurt at Pinkberry has 98 calories (POINTSŪ value 2*), a medium has 154 (POINTSŪ value 3*), and a large has 252 (POINTSŪ value 5*). Pinkberry's green tea flavored fro yo, however, has only about 14 calories per ounce -- a small serving has just 70 calories (POINTSŪ value 1*), a medium has 110 (POINTSŪ value 2*), and a large has 180 (POINTSŪ value 4*). Remember, those stats are BEFORE you add any of the toppings they offer. It makes me laugh, though, because these trendy new yogurts taste exactly like frozen yogurt did when it first came out a zillion years ago. Back then everyone pretty much hated it and demanded that instead of fro yo with a sour flavor, companies should make frozen yogurt taste more like ice cream. As they say, everything old is new again...

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