I don't know if this has ever been given before, but it has become a favorite of mine and lots of my WW meeting buddies.

One large roasting chicken
Lawrey's seasoning salt, or your choice of seasonings
4 large baking potatoes

Wrap potatoes in foil and place in bottom of Crockpot (this keeps them from sticking).
Sprinkle chicken with seasonings and place on top of potatoes.
Cover Crockpot and cook on LOW for 9-12 hours (during the day, while you're at work!). DO NOT ADD ANY LIQUID!

When done, the chicken will just fall off the bone, and the potatoes will have a wonderful flavor after cooking in the juices from the chicken. Use leftover chicken for another dish--if you have leftovers!!

Figure points based on 1 oz. chicken (no skin)=1 point, 1 med. potato=3 points.