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    Forgive me if this has already been answered before but I didn't have the time to sift through pages and pages to find it.

    Is Lite String Cheese 1 pt?


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    Most brands of light string cheese are 1 pt each but it can vary from brand to brand. Do you have the nutritional information?
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    hi, sorry i am not sure if it is light, buti wanted to suggest to you, to use that in your cooking rather than other cheese, where you end up usng more.

    if i make pasta, i end up using one string cheese, and know that i only ate 1-2 points rather than a few spoon fuls and i am not sure how much i used, but it most likely will be more.

    i add it to my brocoli soup, ( 1/4 of the cheese string), to my pizza, to anything.

    the trick i find is, the smaller and thinner you peel it, the more it seems. i can use the whole thing, make it into very thick long slices and cover one pizza slice. or make them thin and thinner, and short, and cover up half a pizza.

    i just find it so useful in cooking

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    Good idea starbrite!

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