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Thread: Crockpot cooking help!!!

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    Default Crockpot cooking help!!!

    How long should I cook bone-in chicken leg quarters in the crock pot (preferably on low since it will be cooking all day?) I'll be cooking them in BBQ sauce.

    Also, I heard that if you put the meat in frozen, it doesn't dry out from being in the CP all day. I have a programmable one that switches to warm after the time is up, but sometimes my meat still comes out a little dry.

    Can anyone offer me any help??
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    Default Re: Crockpot cooking help!!!

    Kristie: YOur chicken should come out just fine cooking it all day on low. As for the dry part... are you cooking with some kind of moisture or sauce? Maybe you need more? Or, is your meat tough? If that is the case, I would cook it on high or longer w/ some kind of acid products (like the cola chicken/ketchup- or lemon or bbq sauce, tomatoes... you get the point) in the sauce to help tenderize.

    I personally would not under any circumstance risk my family's health by putting frozen chicken in the crockpot inlett it was very very thin fillets or breast strips. but bones and skin NO WAY. Too much risk of bacterial growth and undercooking (especailly if you cook on low.) Others may disagree on this point but my food handling training tells me it's not a good idea.

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