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Thread: fast food making you sick...?

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    Default fast food making you sick...?

    ok so yesterday i decided to splurge and go to arbys. i used to eat there maybe 2x/mo? but i hadn't gone since i start WW in july, not that i recall anyway.

    i got sooo sick!! i was miserable all day, it was awful. has anyone noticed that once they get into the WW lifestyle, you can't eat anymore "crappy" food anymore?? i kind of recall something like this happening when i decided to have a hash brown or something from mcdonalds and it just did not sit well at all. i mean, i guess this is a good thing, and i should just avoid the fast food all together, but you know how it is when you smell it and you have enough points left that you can eat it....
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    Yes! We got french fries the other night as a special "treat" and I spent the evening in the bathroom. What a treat. Things just don't taste as good as they used to, either, which is good - my body likes good food! - and less good - I am disappointed whenever I eat out these days, unless we go to an uberexpensive fancy restaurant. (Coincidentally, uberexpensive fancy restaurants focus on high quality whole foods. Guess what I'm used to at home now? )
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    Default Re: fast food making you sick...?

    Eating fast food a lot makes me question why I bother. It never tastes as good as I wanted it too but I keep trying. It does sit like a rock in my stomach...
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    I splurged yesterday and had pizza and garlic bread for dinner......and then woke up this morning around 1:00 and was soooooo sick! I tried going back to sleep but about every 20 minutes the nausea would wake me up. It was horrible! I thought I was going to have to call in sick to work!

    Thank God I started feeling better after I had my egg white & mushroom omellette!

    Cheating is soooooo not worth it (for me, anyway!)

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    I am about 35 days in.. and im having the opposite experence. The healthier food is making me sick. probably too mych fat free ranch.

    good luck

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    funny you should mention it... I had cheese fries AND a sausage sandwich AND some roasted almonds the other night at a competition my kids were in. I knew I shouldn't eat all that crap, but I did anyway...and I was so sick to my stomach later on. the only good thing was and I am not trying to be gross... was that there is no way all of those points had time to absorb!!!!! (I counted them though) NEVER AGAIN!!!!!

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    Just today I stole a fastfood french fry from my BF's lunch and it was pretty nasty. All I could taste was grease and oil. It was the first fast food of any kind that I've had in a year so I was amazed at how much my tastes have changed. Luckily it was only a small fry so it didn't make me sick.
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    Default Re: fast food making you sick...?

    Quote Originally Posted by Kristale
    All I could taste was grease and oil.
    Same thing happens with me. The only fast food fried thing I can eat anymore is Chick-fil-a waffle fries - for some reason their oil doesn't bother me - otherwise it's grilled chicken for me no matter which burger type chain we eat at.

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    I can't eat ANY fast food anymore. At first my dr. thought maybe I was having gall bladder problems, but that wasn't it. I think my body just isn't used to that junky, greasy, oily food anymore. It's not worth it to me to eat it, no craving can be overcome by getting so sick to my stomach afterwards. I guess that's a good thing!

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