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Thread: points for chicken wings?

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    Default points for chicken wings?

    Could anyone tell me how many points chicken wings are if I boil and then BBQ them?Thanks Tina

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    I saw noone answered this for you so I looked it up and 1 chicken wing with skin and bone is 3 points. 1TBSP of barbecue sauce is 0 points but 1/4 cup is 1 point. I love chicken wings and haven't been able to have them on WW. The fast food fried ones are 6 points for 1.

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    We have been making our own.

    In a crockpot, combine your chicken (skin removed) and your bbq sauce.
    After they have cooked 4-6 hours on low, we then put them on a baking sheet and broil them to get them crispy.

    You'll have to figure the points for your bbq sauce.

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