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Thread: basics in food prep

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    Default basics in food prep

    okay some veryyyy dumb questions, god so embaressing.

    but okay.. first...

    1.we dont have ff cheese , besides kraft singles in my area. now i was wondering, say i cut a piece of cheddar cheese from the big brick of cheese. it becomes oh, no longer than my index finger, 3 inches maybe, and about 1 inch wide. and it is paper thin.. how many points is that?
    my cheese that i have has no nutritional value on it.
    i am tryign to make my own veggie subs, rather then buying em. ni ralize the secret is in the cheese. kraft singles make it taste gross.

    so i was just wondering , a good estimate of how many points regular cheese is, whether it be american,cheddar, etc.
    no one needs to be exact on size of course. i just cut paper thin slices, that are like 1/3 of a post in in size.

    2. this is probably bcb's dumbest question. but................ okay. you know wraps right, like tortilla wraps, how the heck do you wrap them up? like oh no we cant upload pics on this thing.
    okay well.. not like a en envelope or anything. but like, a wrap. as in if you cut your wrap in half and looked, you would see, a swirl of tortilla with veggies in every layer.

    you know wha ti will tyr to upload it onto my user name. and hopefully everyone can see. i am trying to do that, with ym food, so it looks and tastes yummier. i have ww tortillas-a god send, but i think they might just be too small to do that.

    3. and how do you rull up a pita? i got those pitas from pita express, bought them from the store, just bcause i thought maybe their pitas were special for rolling. but i still cant do it right. the food falls right throgh one bite.

    i am barely home these days, and i tr to pack a healthy lunch,but i seem to run through it before my day is half over. i notice the days im at home, ironically i eat better. i guess for me it is psychological, but if i know i am far away fomr a fridge i get hungry. if i know it is right downstairs, i can avoid it.

    any help will be appreciated thank you.


    um im not sure if this url will work. i highly doubt it.

    but anyways, the tortilla would lok lik swirls of tortilla with stuff in between. i know you can simply just roll it. but do you put the food on one very corner and then roll? or what? and hwo do you prevent it from faling out?

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    1.) I don't know, but it's worth the $5 at Wal-Mart to buy a scale. That way, you won't have to guess. If you can plunk down a couple bucks more for a digital, even better.

    2.) I can't see your picture, but if I know what you mean, you just roll the tortilla up like a poster.

    3.) I've never heard of pitas designed for rolling - you just cut them in half and you have two semi-circle pockets to stuff things in. Just be careful not to get the bread too soggy.
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    Default Re: basics in food prep

    hey thanks cheetara for replying. hmm maybe i will buy a scale, its always soounded so weird for me to have one, but i guess iw ill invest in one.

    i think i am going to go to a pita restaurant and watch them roll one up lol.

    what do you mean by poster? confused

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    Default Re: basics in food prep

    If you slice paper thin slices of cheese, you'll have to estimate. Otherwise you'll just need to weigh your cheese and count it by the ounce/serving size.

    I don't like Kraft Singles - I like Borden FF sharp cheddar slices.. they are better, FYI.

    To roll up your tortillas/pitas :

    Lay them flat
    Place veggies and other fillings on the tortilla (like a sandwich or a pizza)
    Fold ONE "edge" of the tortilla about 1/4 of the way in diameter (not to the center of the tortilla, but about 1/4 of the total size of it.
    Hold the folding edge in place with a couple fingers while you roll it up.

    That should work. Did that help you?
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    Default Re: basics in food prep

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    Default Re: basics in food prep

    Yikes, write in English please.

    To make a tortilla wrap, put all the ingredients you want in a thin line down the middle of the tortilla. No more than 2 inches wide, because otherwise you won't be able to wrap it. Fold the tops by the food in a bit, maybe one inch. Then curl one end of the tortilla over and around the food - you should be able to slide the end under the food. Roll up, and eat!

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    Default Re: basics in food prep

    oh wow, thanks for the ideas. that totally helps.
    i acn not wait to eat a burrito tomorrow lol

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