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    starbrite Guest

    Default mr sub subway

    hi just curious...

    subway veggie delite 6 inch -is 4 points

    the website says not including cheese or lite mayo... now if i add that in it it is 6 points for a 6 inch

    with mr. sub it says 3.5 points for a 6 inch veggie delite

    but the website does NOT say if that includes cheese or sauce.

    i looked itup on my own and the 6 inch bread is 3.5 points. do i just assume that means their website is not including the cheese or sauce?

    therefore it is subway 4 points vs mr.sub 3.5 points

    i have a mr. sub near my library that i go to daily, i think i will start eating mr. sub a few times a week. it tastes so good and i am full for a really long time. i try making it at home,i even cut the ingredients a similar way but it never tastes as good or filling

    i am just curious if my point calculation is correct. and if this is a bad idea to eat one 12 inch sub a day?!

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    starbrite Guest

    Default Re: mr sub subway

    hi im sorry i figured it out FOR SURE.

    the update incase any one else would like to know is...

    SUBWAY veggie delite sandwich...

    3.5-whole wheat 6 inch bread

    1.5-lite mayo

    1-processed cheese slice

    =6 points for 6 inch veggie delite

    MR. SUB veggie delite sandwich

    3- whole wheat 6 inch bread

    1 -lite mayo


    =5 points for 6 inch veggie delite

    extreme pita - random but i love it

    4- regular pita bread

    2 - cheese (small)

    1.5- lite mayo (small)

    =6.5 points for regular extreme veggie pita.

    i used to normally just go by what the site says in general, and used to add 4 points extra for sauce and cheese. but now i realize it is alot less then that, its better to actually calculate then guestimate!

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    starbrite Guest

    Default Re: mr sub subway

    how many servings of veggies would you say is in a 12 inch sub?i would put lttuce, tomato, green peppers,onions, cucumbers,

    also, would the cheese slices (2) count as a dairy serving?

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