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Thread: low points for break and lunch with protein

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    Default low points for break and lunch with protein

    Does anyone have any ideas for having protein for breakfast and lunch with not a lot of points. Having trouble

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    Default Re: low points for break and lunch with protein


    Eggs (I use one egg and two egg whites) scrambled with veggies for 2 points.
    If you cook them using 1 tsp of healthy oil it's 3 points, and if you add some lowfat cheese it can be 4 to 5 points. Still pretty low and lots of protein.


    Tunafish sandwich made with Follow Your Heart Low Fat ranch dressing on lite wheat bread for three points.

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    Default Re: low points for break and lunch with protein

    My "staples" are:


    Toasted PB sandwich (it can be eaten in the car... I'm ALWAYS running late in the AM) - 1 tbsp PB on lite bread - about 3 points depending on your PB and bread


    Lean meat (turkey, ham) on a WW wrap for 2 points. I usually add low-fat cheese for 2 points, mustard (0 points) and peppers (0 points) for added crunch, bulk and flavor

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    Low point breakfast: In a microwave safe bowl sprayed with non-stick spray, combine 1/2 cup egg substitute and 2 T. salsa (drain the salsa before adding so the eggs don't get watery). I love the chipotle salsa in this. Cook. Heat up a 1 point (high fiber) flour tortilla, add a slice of 2% American cheese and the cooked eggs. Roll it up and you have a breakfast burrito for 3 points. Good source of protein AND fiber.

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    Default Re: low points for break and lunch with protein

    hi guys

    your ideas sound so yummy. i also do the egg in a burrito wrap idea.

    except i use pancake flour instead of eggs, being a vegetarian. if anyone wnats details i posted it on the breakfast recipe forum!

    i was going to suggest using ww 1 point bread, and 1 point fat free kraft singles.
    in some of your posts, i think you are adding unnecessary points by eating regular cheese. but hey-everyone likes things differently. like i refuse to buy fat free peanut butter-it tastes gross for me.

    something i sometimes do, t get in somemore dairy, is take a cup of yogurt, plain, throw in my own fruit, and add in some cereal bits, to make it a granola/yogurt type of mix. i normally get yoplait fat free yogurt so that is about 2 points, and 1 point because i put half fruit and half cereal

    for lunch i ... tke some vegetables, like green peppers, onions, tomatoes,,, throw em on a fry pan and sautee them. u can even add salsa if you like. and just eat them!. if you dont like the taste, add more stuff to it how you prefer it. i can sometimes put in 1 slice of ff cheese (1 point). it tastes so good.
    the way i think of it is, when i eat pasta with veggies, i eat the pasta but the veggies mixed with the cheese and sauce are so good, smething i wouldnt normally eat without the pasta.. so all i really do is dress up the veggies, make em fancy by addin in a tiny bit of cheese n sauce, and they taste good.
    if you really cant survive without some staples along side it.. then add in ur pasta or rice or what not. but make THAT your side.
    my general rule in that is,, one teaspoon of rice/pasta must be acoompanied by 2 large forkfuls of veggies.
    if youjust do veggies , sauce n cheese - it shud b no more then 3 points

    ooh START BUYing MEATLESS products. they are amazing. taste good, and are chocked full of protein. one slice of vegan chicken has 4 grams of protein, and half the fat and carbs

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    Default Re: low points for break and lunch with protein

    Scrambled eggs and cheese
    eggs and toast
    eggs and oatmeal
    eggs and grits
    egg breakfast burritos (with corn tortillas)

    I think I like eggs for breakfast!

    cottage cheese, tuna, chicken, etc.

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    Default Re: low points for break and lunch with protein

    I love to mix my fiber one w/ ff/sf yogurt (1-2 points depending on brand) or just make a scramble w/ 3 egg whites and lots of veggies. sometimes i wrap it, sometimes not.

    for lunch my faves include: Joseph's pita (super Wal-mart deli section (1) with lots of veggies and some sprouts w/ some low fat meat of sorts and some ff cheese sometimes, too. I also love love love spaghetti squash, and I top that with Italian crushed tomatoes. not quite the real thing, but you can eat a ton of it! Sometimes I just take leftover grilled veggies from the night before. they are always good!

    I only get 18 points, so there isn't much room for treats and snacks with points, but I do try to fit in a gnu bar every day. they are loaded with fiber. Expensive but worth it!

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    Default Re: low points for break and lunch with protein

    a boca burger.. i think the patty is core!
    anyways a burger patty on ww bread, with a lot lot of veggies on the side. this fills me up for a while. because the buger has so much soy in it.

    sometimes i just eat the soy patty alone.
    i wish there were boca patties in canada. i crave chick'n veggie patties. they are soo yummy

    -ooh also brown rice. with tofu on the side and a side of veggies.

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    Default Re: low points for break and lunch with protein

    boca vegan soy patty with a poached egg and some salsa on top

    great high protein breakfast for only 3 points!
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    Fake McMuffin: 1/4 cup egg beaters with 1 tbl hormel real bacon bits sprinkled over them in the pan, good till firm, flip over, place 1/2 slice 2% american cheese in the center and roll it up, put on toasted light english muffin sprayed with ICBNB spray - salt/pepper - enjoy (2.5 pts)

    I'm thinking (actually craving) shrimp so I'm thinking 8 oz of peel and eat steamed shrimp (4pts) and 1/4 cup cocktail sauce (1pt) would be a great protein loaded lunch (grocery store seafood counter will steam them while you wait - so not an expensive restaurant option only!)
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