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Thread: Cool Whip dessert serving/point ?

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    Default Cool Whip dessert serving/point ?

    Does anyone know the serving size and points for the following dessert?

    ff/sf jello-make as directed
    add ff/sf pudding dry mix to the jello
    mix in container ff cool whip

    the thread says 1 cup and then later says 1/2 cup as the serving size for 1 point but I made this and want to make certain what it is before I eat it.

    Any info. would be great

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    Default Re: Cool Whip dessert serving/point ?

    Can you provide the size of the containers?

    ff/sf jello - 4 serving box is 1 point
    ff/sf pudding dry mix - 4 serving box is 2 points for most flavors
    container ff cool whip - 8oz tub is 8 points

    that would be 11 points for the recipe. Divide that by the number of servings you get.
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