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    I bought some of this and according to the package it has 25 grams of fat in 4 oz. but it looks very very lean. There is no visible fat around the edges so I'm assuming the fat must be marbled in??

    Do I go ahead and compute the points with 25 grams of fat?? I really can't see that much fat on this meat but I don't want to be wrong and not lose this week either.


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    I am a vegetarian so I know I don't have the most experience working with meats but I would trust what the NI label reads. You would be surprised to find out how much fat certain foods contain, I know some veggie burgers are through the roof! Even if it is less than 25g, at least your overestimating rather than under Try finding alternatives so that you can still enjoy your steak without the damaging amount of fat. HTH
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    Are you sure it's not 2.5? That sounds high as eye of round is usually pretty lean. You could also check or

    calorie king shows 28.4 grams in a whole pound of Beef: Round (Eye), raw, lean only, trimmed to 1/2" fat
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