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Thread: Flex points and activity points = weight gain

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    Question Flex points and activity points = weight gain

    Hi all,
    For some reason, I've noticed that if I use my flex points or activity points, I gain weight. If I don't use them, I lose. The problem is that I have an issue w/ binging and I'd like to be able to use those points for what I consider a limited binge. Instead of eating the entire house , I'm limited to WW friendly snacks and deserts. I know this is not the best solution in the world, but WW has been VERY helpful for me because NOTHING else has stopped me from these uncontrollable binges. I'm just wondering, is it just me? Does anyone else out there have trouble using their AP and/or Flex points? If you're wondering, I workout VERY hard 6 or 7 times a week, so I'm doing the best I can with exercise. Any input would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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    I dont think i'll be of much help, but I wanted to let you know that I am actually struggling with the same thing. Every single week I eat all of my Flex Points. I feel like if I didn't always use them, I would lose more weight. It's really frustrating. I have a big problem w/ eating late at night. Do you struggle w/ that also? Any suggestions? I know I'm not helping I just wanted to let you know you're not alone. Hang in there, we're all in this together. Good Luck.


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    I have been on WW for almost 2 years now (2 yrs in Aug), both on Flex and Core and there is no doubt in my mind that I can't eat my entire amt of weekly points AND use APs AND still lose weight.

    Matter of fact, when I do that, eat all Weekly points and APs I GAIN weight. This has ticked me off over the years because those points are built into the program and u are supposed to be able to eat them and still lose...

    Bottom line is, if I eat my APs and more than 10 weekly points a week, I don't lose. If I eat 20 or more, I gain. So, don't feel bad. U all aren't the only ones out there!
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    Kootya, you're not going to know anything for sure until you are 100% OP for a few weeks with no binges. Yes the Points are in the program to be used, and many people can use them all. If you want to use all 35 of your WPA at once that's your choice; personally I can't eat that much at one sitting any more and I can't eat that far over Target without just making myself sick. I do much better using anywhere from 2 or 3 to maybe 8 or 9 in one day, plus all of my APs.

    There are some people who can't use all of the optional Points. That's one reason they're optional. It is often best to start in the middle and work up or down. For me, whether I use them or not makes no difference in my weight loss. No joke. And I'm a lot more comfortable if I do use most of them.

    Have you re-taken the Points Quiz lately? Are you using the right Points Target? Do you get your fruits & veggies and dairy and pay attention to the rest of the healthy 8s?

    Are you giving yourself credit for higher intensity in your workouts than what you're actually doing?

    Are you getting enough rest so your body can recover from your workouts? If you are weight training, do you rest your muscles for a day between weights workouts?

    Just a few ideas to throw out there.

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    Kootya, I've tried all different kinds of combinations because I tend to binge myself. In the beginning, I ate every friggin' point that I got! Now that I've been on WW for a while, I find I need to shake things up. I generally use all of my flex points on the weekends (I like my wine), and I've recently started using my APs every other day. I've had two good losses in two weeks.

    Try experimenting with flex points and APs. Use some, don't use some, use them all. Change it every week or month. You might be able to identify a pattern and find a solution by doing that.

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    Thanks so much for all the great support & advice! I knew I could count on the BCB for help in this matter.

    I think my problem is that I've binged so much and I've yo-yoed so often w/ my weight, that my body isn't willing to give up the fat as quickly as it did in the past.

    I will try to work w/ different combinations, but since I'm not always in control over what I do, I might not be able to do this in the most logical fashion!

    One of you asked me what I have done to help stop or minimize the binges. WW has been the biggest help. Also, if I don't workout, I'm much more likely to binge. I've noticed a variety of triggors: anxiety, exhaustion, lack of sleep are major triggors. I am aware that food is like a drug and I'm trying to use other ways to calm myself when I feel like I need it. I can only describe the feeling as an overwhelming urge. Imagine you have an itch and you're dying to scratch it. You try to do other things to distract yourself, but sometimes, the itch just gets more and more powerful. If I do feel this way, I try to do something physical like push ups, crunches, etc. I try to drink some tea sometimes or I try to just go to bed since it usually happens at night. But, sometimes I feel like a self-sabotager. Luckily, I don't ever go over my points. That is, I use the weekly 35 points extra. I've never used all of them. Usually, I'll use about 10 a week. My workouts are pretty intense. For instance, today, I did the elliptical machine for 50 minutes and I burned over 600 calories. I'm drenched w/ sweat, so I don't think I'm over-estimating my AP's. In fact, I think I'm not using them often enough.

    Sorry this got so long. I just love this board and I find it helpful. WW is the first plan that I have done in a long time where I feel it's something I can do for the rest of my life. I just need to be patient and to learn about my body and what it needs.


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    Default Re: Flex points and activity points = weight gain

    Hello, Irene. Here's an older thead on the subject. Scroll down and read the links and threads I had posted for more support and information. Since you know your triggers, work hard to stay calm (exercise probably helps with stress relief!) and well rested. Best wishes!
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    Default Re: Flex points and activity points = weight gain

    I'll check it out. Thanks!!!!

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