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Thread: 2 point veggie patty

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    Default 2 point veggie patty

    veggie patty recipe

    really really yummy!!

    1 point-6 carrots cooked
    6 points- 6 slices of bread ( i use whole grain)
    2 points- 1 bowl of green peas cooked
    6 points- 2 potatoes (big)cooked
    6 points - 1 cup of nutrela
    20 points - 20 tbsp or 1 cup of canola oil
    7 points- 1 bowl of gram flour

    take all the veggies and bread, nutrela and grind in a processor.
    add in about one tbsp of oil, salt and pepper to your preference, mix in 1 bowl of gram flour, and make it into a mixture.

    then put the remaining oil into the fry pan, and take mixture and make it into medium sized balls, flatten them out, and put 2-3 at a time into the fry pan.

    this should make about 30 patties

    according to my calculations, it will be a little less than 2 points/per patty

    we are strict vegetarians, and always make these. my mom makes about a batch a month, and they run out quickly. you can put them in a burger, eat it alone with a salad, or even break it up into pieces onto a salad

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    I get 58 points for 1 cup of canola oil.
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    Default Re: 2 point veggie patty

    It sounds interesting but do you have more specific measurements? How much is one bowl? How much is a big potato? I am afraid if I attempt this it won't come out to the consistency it needs to be.

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    Default Re: 2 point veggie patty


    i put one table spoon of water, into the cup i used, and it made 20 spoons needed. 1 tbsp- 1 point of canola oil. so 20 points, no?!im new to this maybe im wrong

    also,, about the consistencies.

    hmm, i use coreal china, as my cup and bowl. im not too sure how to tell you exactly, bu there are many recipes on the internet of chick pea patties and waht not . im sure you can use that to help you figure it out. im sorry i cant be of more help. a large potato meaning hte biggest one out of your batch im guessing.

    honestly, this recipe never stays the same for me. i use the bread crumbs, gram flour as the guideline. nt hrow in any veggies i want. this ratio

    of carrots : peas: potatoes seems good though. but if you want to add more carrots go ahead, if you want it to have more potatoes, add moer potatoes. sometimes i dont add any veggies, and only put in chick peas

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    1 teaspoon of oil is 1 point. 1 TABLESPOON = 3 teaspoons
    and 1 cup = 16 TABLESPOONS so way more than 20 points for a cup of oil. I figure it between 57 and 60 depending on if you multiply by the tablespoon NI or use the cup NI.
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    Default Re: 2 point veggie patty

    i apologize for the error

    that means it is 3 points/patty

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