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    starbrite Guest

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    can you add benefiber to your food, to increase the fiber grams, and decrease your points
    is that allowed

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    The answer is no. If you get your fiber from the foods you eat you do not have to supplement with anything.


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    starbrite Guest

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    i understand you should get your fiber from the foods you consume, it is healthier. but, what if you want to increase your fiber count, is that not a good idea? say instead of a cereal being 2 g of fiber, i add a table spoon in, and make it 5g of fiber.

    why is that not allowed, please explain

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    Increasing your fiber is fine. But using the additional fiber in order to reduce the points is not. Your just fooling yourself. You are still eating the calories.

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    WW capped fiber at 4 grams because back in the day they didn't and people were eating food with lots and lots of fiber to lower the POINTS in foods and weren't losing. I'd say you can add the benefiber to whatever you want for your benefit, it just cannot be used to lower the POINTS of food. Think of it this way......weight loss is really just calories in/calories out. No matter whether you count fiber or not, calories are calories and if you start adding benefiber to stuff to lower the POINTS, it is likely to affect your weight loss.

    Hope that helps,

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    starbrite Guest

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    so ,, i should add the benefiber to be healthier but ignore it interms of adding more fiber to my ww calculator?!is that what you mean.

    lol damnit, i was thinking, i could just add a spoonful to everything i eat, and get it all up to 5 g of fiber atleast, and eat alot less points.

    so do you ever calorie count on weight watchers??!!

    i ate 26 calories yestrday, only 4 from my flex points. yet my calories was about 1800. isnt that way too much?!

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    First of all, fiber is capped out at 4 grams when figuring POINTS. Yes, I mean you can add the benefiber for your health, but not use the extra fiber to calculate POINTS. You should be calculating POINTS ONLY based on the fiber, fat and calories on the food's label and not because you have added fiber to it. Like I said, doing what you suggest will probably greatly hender your weight loss. No, I don't figure calories, but the formula for POINTS is based on calories. Thereby, if you have a food that is 210 calories and no fat or fiber, it is 4 POINTS. If you add 4 grams of fiber to it, it then becomes 3 POINTS. If you did this for every or most foods, you would be getting more POINTS (or calories) in a day and it would hender your weight loss. Oh, and no I never count calories only POINTS and I cannot make a determination on if you ate too much. Stick to the POINTS plan and eat the number of POINTS for your weight and you will be fine. Trust the WW program. It works the way it is designed.

    Best of luck,

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    WW is more calories than a lot of people think. It's not way too much. Trust WW to know what they're doing. The old 1000-1200 calorie diets were too low.

    In 40-odd years, WW has never been about counting Calories. It's been about portion control and eating a balanced, relatively healthy diet. The specifics have varied a LOT over the years, but we've never counted Calories. We follow the WW program and the Calories take care of themselves.

    Once you know the Points in a food, you can forget the Calories on WW. Worry about Points (on Flex) or Core foods and Points (on Core) and your 8 Healthy Habits and you will do fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nancyny
    Once you know the Points in a food, you can forget the Calories on WW. Worry about Points (on Flex) or Core foods and Points (on Core) and your 8 Healthy Habits and you will do fine.
    So true. I think being so focused on calories is what has gotten many of us into trouble over the years. One of the things I love about WW is it is helps us focus on healthy eating and portion control.

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    Starbrite, you're a strict vegetarian, right? You definitely don't need to add Benefiber to your food in general - you probably eat enough veggies, legumes, etc. to get in the daily recommendation of fiber.

    That said, if you do add it, the previous posters are right - you can't decrease the points of food by adding Benefiber.

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    Danielle06492 Guest

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    There is something that the DR gave my husband.. its similar to benefiber but it increases the fiber an you feel full alot longer. I have to get the name agian because I loved it, it helped me from snacking so much!

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