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Thread: Hi, new to this site, new to WW

  1. Smile Hi, new to this site, new to WW

    Hi, everyone!

    I just started WW last week, doing it at home with the support of my ddil and lots of co-workers. Since I work nights, and have a 60 mile round trip, I'm weighing in with ddil on her WW scale in the morning after work, and can't do it every week on the same day due to my work schedule. I did my initial WI last Thurs and was heavier than I'd ever been in my life, even 9 months pregnant.

    I've been following my points, using a few Flex points and getting some exercise nearly everyday. When I weighed again on Monday, I was (pleasantly) shocked to find that I'd lost 3.5# in 4 days. Since then, looking at my scale at home, I think I've lost a couple more pounds. I won't know until at least Saturday when I weigh in again, but I know I'm losing because I can already put on a pair of shorts today that I could NOT fit into last week. I have a ton of energy and I really feel good. I get lots of food to eat on the points system, and I'm sure eating healthily is part of why I feel so good, too. DDIL has already lost 18# in 5 weeks, and now I see why she's sold on WW.

    I tried to lose weight last year, took me 10 months to lose 15# and I put it back on in the last 2 months of the year. With the help of the points system and the support here at BCB, I'm thinking that weight will come off a lot faster this year, and I intend to stay ON plan so the weight will stay OFF!

    With a small farm and a demanding job as a nurse, as well as homeschooling my youngest dd, 15, I need to get this extra weight off and gain more energy! Thanks for listening,


    Starting weight: 157.1# 5/24/07
    Last WI: 153.6# 5/28/07
    Current weight: ???, but lower than last WI
    Goal weight: 125#

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    You go girl!!! Congratulations on your weight loss and keep up the good work. You are an inspiration to us all!!!


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    Welcome to BCB, Mary. WW rocks. Congratulations on an awesome first week. Find a home board or two (either by age, buddy system, or buddy groups) and post often for support.
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    Thanks! I'm looking forward to finding a good group for support here.

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