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    I'm sure most people have already found them but if you're a chip junkie like I tend to be then you might be interested in this...

    Ruffles Light Cheddar and Sour Cream are 1 pt for 15 chips


    Pringles Fat Free Sour Cream Chips are also 1 pt for 15 chips

    Personally, I think both are every bit as good as the full fat versions.

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    Yup, the Pringles are good. They also come in the plain original flavor. A note of warning though: they are made with Olestra. It doesn't have a negative impact on me but I know some people are more sensitive to its side effects.
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    DH actually said a few days ago how much he likes the Baked Cheddar and Sour Cream. Both the Ruffles and the kind without ridges are very good, though I've noticed you get less per serving on the Ruffles (I think 10 Ruffles versus 14 crisps for 2 points).

    Sorry, just realized you were talking about the Light chips and not the Baked ones. Haven't tried the Light kind...just the Baked ones.
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    Default Re: Potato Chips is great they are coming out with so many new options..I'd love to try the Baked ones but alas they don't have them in our commissary.. Perhaps when I get back to the States..

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    I really like the Lay's Light selection of chips. Great stuff!
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