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    Does any one know the points on them? I know they are probably through the roof. But I just bought a pack for my kids and was wondering if I could have a part of one to make it. Thanks

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    The information can be found on

    For example, the poppyseed is:
    670 calories/38 grams fat/2 grams fiber = 16 points
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    You have got to be kidding me! That means 1/4 is 4 points! My goodness! I don't believe it! Thanks for the info. I guess I'll just let that temptation slide and hide them so I don't eat them. Poppyseed is my favorite. Maybe i'll make my own.

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    Default I miss the choolate muffins

    Pre WW, I used to chow down on an entire chocolate Costco muffin as a snack. (I also used to do the same with Dairy Queen blizzards!) I knew they weren't healthy, but had no idea just how calorie-laden until I started WW and it came up in a meeting. I'm so glad I'm doing WW now because part of my problem was not eating right and bingeing on unhealthy foods, and part of my problem was simply not knowing where hidden calories lurk! I've had good success trying out some of the muffin recipes on this site and sometimes buy fiber two-bite muffins from Trader Joes that are only two points apiece.

    I still miss chocolate (and poppyseed) costco muffins, but then I think to myself - it is JUST food after all. Mere atoms and moleculs - JUST flour, JUST sugar, etc. Not important in the grand scheme of life. Not worth sacrificing the health of my body. And NOT worth the guilt!
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    I feel your pain. I used to eat a whole costco muffin too! I read about the Southaven Farm baking mixes on another thread and I've been making very point-friendly muffins with them (1-2 points) and pancakes too. I just made their chocolate muffins and they are fantastic. I'll bump up the thread in the "Products Review" section. If you're interested, you can look at HTH.

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    Wowza! 16 points - I had no idea. No wonder I'm fat. I always would pick a muffin over a donut.

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    Quote Originally Posted by coffeelover
    Wowza! 16 points - I had no idea. No wonder I'm fat. I always would pick a muffin over a donut.
    Yeah, I was shocked at the points values of muffins, pretty much everywhere. Did you know that the *reduced fat* blueberry muffin at Dunkin Donuts has 400 calories? (5 fat, 3 fiber, so 8 points.) An eclair has only 270 calories (11 fat, 1 fiber, so 6 points). Talk about counterintuitive.

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