Lately I've been seeing a lot of self pity from many of my fellow buddies so it's time for a little TOUGH LOVE! Rule #1 in weight loss is this: If you have a defeatist attitude YOU WILL BE DEFEATED! No one said this was going to be easy. BILLIONS of dollars a year is spent by desperate dieters searching for something that will maximize weight loss with minimal effort. WAKE UP PEOPLE! It ain't gonna happen.....EVER!! A sensible diet ( weight watchers of course ), and exercise is the only solution. And let me tell you guys....this ain't no game we're playing here. Since the 70's childhood obesity has doubled and adult obesity has tripled! This year alone over 300,000 people will die from obesity related illnesses. 300,000!!!!!!! And all you have to do is quit shoving your pie hole full of crap and get moving. Every day someone in this world is facing a life crises much greater than you pushing away from the table. Who am I to preach like this? Nobody really. Just a 430 lb fat man who spent an hour at the YMCA today lifting weights and the last hour walking 2 miles. And I do it EVERY day but WI day! Why? Cause I want to get busy living and not dying!! Which will YOU choose? Believe in yourself my friends. Remember this....tough love is STILL love. And I definitely love you guys! Keep fighting......David