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    Default Just started WW

    Hi, I am new to this forum and WW. I started last week and I excited to lose the weight. I tried to add my signature, SW etc, but it will not show up. Need help. Look forward to getting lots of info from this site and meeting lots of fun people. Keep up the good work everyone!!! Oops, siggy works now.
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    SW 235.6 ( April 11/07 )
    CW 198.2
    gained 0.6 lbs

    Total Lost -37.4 !!!!!

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    The results of losing weight IS exciting.

    Just work the program and it will "work" for you.

    It's all a life long journey. A program that we need to maintain for "life".

    Welcome to BCB.


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    Welcome to BCB Chantelle!

    It's a little overwhelming at first, but pretty soon you'll be a pro! Congratulations on getting started--keep this enthusiasm throughout your weight loss. It's a long, slow process, but totally worth it!

    SW 181

    CW 164

    WWG 160

    PGW 145

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    Welcome, and I'm glad you're so exicted. I know you can do it, it's a matter of putting your mind in the weight loss game. Stay on the WW program, and you'll see results.

    Good luck!!

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