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    I'm trying to find something that will help with my chocolate cravings. I'm thinking of baking a cake. Since my son is allergic to dairy and eggs, I normally buy cake mix that is dairy free and then use an egg replacer.

    A typical cake mix calls for 3 eggs (216 cals, 15 g fat), but the egg replacer is only 45 cals (0 fat) I save 171 cals and 15 g fat (or 5 points for the whole cake).

    Any other ways to reduce the points? I have to use Duncan Hines Classic Yellow, Devil's Food, Lemon Supreme, or Butter Recipe.


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    Yes there are other ways. You really should check out the dessert forum. You can add a can of diet soda to any cake mix and bake it or add a can of pumpkin and come up with 2 very good, low point cake options.
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    Thanks...I'll check the forum out.

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    I love to bake the Devils Food cake with diet cherry cola (I mix diet cola and SF DaVinci Cherry syrup). Bake it in a 9 x 13 pan. After it's done, spread a can of lowfat cherry pie filling on top. It is so yummy and with a dollop of FF whipped topping makes a wonderful dessert. I made this for a church function and not a piece came home with me.


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    This is what gets me through the chocolate cravings. I know it isn't cake but it works.

    1 Container of Non Fat Yougurt (Plain)
    1 lg. box of Instant Fat Free - Sugar Free Chocolate pudding

    Mix together and ....yum.

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    No Pudge brownies always work for me

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    When I crave chocolate I have a chocolate fun size bar or a few Hershey kisses. Hershey's chocolate sticks (Caramel filled Milk Chocolate) are also fantastic.
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    actually a deep chocolate vitamuffin for 1 pt does the trick well (and you get a ton of fiber to fill you up)

    I also like a 2 pt cocoa via bar - it's dark chocolate and pretty big for 2pts
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