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Thread: bread to muffin please!

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    Default bread to muffin please!

    I wanted to make this recipe. It is for banana bread but I wanted to make muffins. Do I need to change oven temp and/or cooking time? Any suggestions?

    BTW- this is an AWESOME recipe! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! The kiddos are begging me to make it right now!
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    Default Re: bread to muffin please!

    I have never made that recipe. My muffin recipes are 18-20 minutes @ 375 degrees. Another thing you could do, look on the back of a cake mix box and compare the time. These might be more dense and that would change the time.

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    Default Re: bread to muffin please!

    just put them into the oven for 20 minutes at the same temp. Check then after 15 minutes for doneness (ovens vary).

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